Versus Socks for Kids: Adorable Mismatched Animal Socks

Versus Socks for Kids (3-pack)

Adorable mismatched animal socks.

This item has been discontinued.
This item has been discontinued.

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Where do feet stand on the food chain? Find out with the charming Versus Socks for kids, a mismatched pair of high-quality socks that pits two of nature's finest against one another.

Versus Socks come in two available sets, one for girls and one for boys, that contain three distinct animal matchups. For the little lady's feet, a dolphin swims for a fish, a cat tussles with a dog, and an owl searches for a mouse. On the boy's feet, a lion squares off with a tiger, a T. Rex hunts a triceratops, and a shark stalks a penquin.

There's nothing stopping a little zoologist from mixing up the matchups and having fun with the impossible relationships of triceratops and penquin or mouse and dolphin.

Each sock is made from a blend of fabrics to ensure longevity and comfort. The bottoms also feature silicone non-skid pads for those times when your animals decide to roam around on slippery surfaces.

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Features & specs

  • Material: 76% cotton, 13% polyester, 9% nylon, 2% spandex
  • Ages: 4 to 8
  • Silicone non-skid bottoms
  • 3 pairs of socks per set
  • Boys set: Lion vs. Tiger, T-Rex vs. Triceratops, Shark vs. Penguin
  • Girls set: Dolphin vs. Fish, Cat vs. Dog, Owl vs. Mouse
  • Machine wash safe

You put your right foot in, you put your left foot in, and you let your feet battle.

Let your little animal enjoy epic battles every time they slip off their shoes. Each sock has a fun animal species design that pairs up with their mortal enemy. Play a new type of footsie with yourself or with a friend!

3 pairs of Versus Socks per pack
The world’s greatest predators, toe to toe.

Grippy bottoms keep you from falling on yours

When playtime starts to move faster than a dolphin chasing down a fish, you don’t want your paws sliding around. That’s why each sock in a Versus pack has silicone pads on the bottom, making them safer on smooth surfaces.

Prey and predators that won’t slip up
Non-skid pads keep the playing field level.

Girls and boys just wanna have foot fights

Each set of boys’ Versus Socks contains three pairs of enemies ready to hunt or be hunted. The Lion and Tiger, T. Rex and Triceratops, and Shark and Penguin pairs are ready to jump into the ring and play.

The girls’ set of Versus Socks includes a Dolphin and Fish, a Cat and Dog, and an Owl and Mouse — what a wonderful set of matchups! No matter which footsie foes they choose, they’re sure to have fun.

3 pairs of predator and prey socks for boys and girls
Sock it to em’!

Question: Are lions and tigers really predator and prey?

Answer: It sounds like you don’t have a very active imagination. These socks might not fit you.

Question: Will these socks fit my child who is almost 4?

Answer: We found that the socks run a little larger, so they would be more likely to fit your 9 year old than your 3 year old.

Question: How many socks do I get in each pack?

Answer: Each pack includes three pairs of adorably mismatched socks.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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