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VIP Lite is the most economical way to start learning about the VIP process. This product covers introductory information that will cover the basics. Then, when you're ready to learn more, you can upgrade to the VIP Full DVD.

Features & specs

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André Cocquyt's Vacuum Infusion DVDs

Everything you need to start building higher quality boats in a clean environment.

At a low, introductory price of $99!

The Vacuum Infusion process provides the following benefits:

  1. Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  2. Increased Productivity
  3. Superior Quality
  4. Lower Unit Costs

Your host, Sandy Miller.

VIP is available in two different versions: a 'Lite' version and a 'Full' version.

VIP Lite: $99

VIP Full: $449

VIP Upgrade: $350

If you purchase VIP Lite and decide later to purchase VIP Full, we apply the $99 you paid for VIP Lite towards the full version.

This hour-long module is packed with expert info and inside tips on purchasing equipment and the materials needed for starting a VIP program. Join master boat builder, Andre Cocquyt, as he gives a compelling introduction to the entire vacuum infusion process.

You'll receive instruction on basic vacuum bagging, on infusion mediums and VIP versus RTM systems.

You'll learn all about Darcy's Law, how to choose the right kind of resins and epoxies to use and actually see the magic of VIP working as a small dingy is created.

Operator (only available in VIP Full)
Topics covered in detail are resin and infusion lines, shop floor practices and practical applications of the VIP process, the highlight of which is the actual process of showing the construction of a 23-footer.

Andre standing in a recently infused 23' Maverick hull.

Learn all about vacuum ports and resin input approaches - as well as descriptions of point, line, eccentric, concentric and stepped infusion. Shop floor practices will include details on vacuum bag making, temperature monitoring and flow front correction. See how dry spot repairs can easily be made with the "needle trick", a technique perfected by Andre.

Technician (only available in VIP Full)
The technician section guides you through the process of converting from an open to a closed mold plant. Items covered are vacuum systems, plant layout, molds, and an interview with a plant manager who is actually in the process of converting his plant to closed molding.

Documents section.
Andre has included a ton of reference material on this DVD. You can access this information through the DVD drive of your computer. There is a 330-term glossary, detailed product information, infusion diagrams, quick-reference charts and worksheets.

The VIP method meets EPA standards and the MACT rule.
Most boat builders will have to discontinue the inefficient and expensive open mold process within a few years. The expert training on this DVD will likely save you months of training time.

Buy module one and upgrade at any time
You have the option to purchase module one, as a stand alone DVD, for $99 or buy the full version DVD containing all three modules for $445. If you buy the module one DVD and then decide later to upgrade to all three modules, you'll only pay $350.

Multiple employees can train from this DVD. When you add up all this instruction, it's like getting a couple days of seminar training at a fraction of the cost.

An impressive collection of companies have joined Andre in creating this DVD.

These companies believe in the future of boat building - and the future is the vacuum infusion process as taught by the master builder himself.

Contents of the VIP DVDs


  • Intro to VIP
  • Resin and Epoxy for VIP Use
  • Darcy’s Law
  • VIP vs. RTM
  • Infusion Mediums
  • Resin Flow and Infusion Rates
  • Equipment and Materials for Starting
  • Basic Vacuum Bagging
  • Infusing a Dinghy
  • CFA

*Note: VIP Lite contains a documents section.

Module Included in:




  • Maverick Boat Infusion
  • Comparison of VIP to Other Methods
  • Resins for Vacuum Infusion
  • Epoxy for Vacuum Infusion
  • Elements of Infusion
  • Resin Input Approaches
  • Infusion Points and Methods
  • Improving Flow Front
  • Enkafusion Feed Line
  • Vacuum Bag Details
  • Structure Preforms and Needle Trick
  • Dry Spot Repair
  • Compaction and Springback

Module Included in:



  • Maverick Boat Interview
  • Shop Layout
  • Shop Vacuum Systems
  • Flow Calculation and Modeling
  • Tooling
  • Hi Temp Tooling
  • Conversion of Existing Molds
  • Caul Plate Mold
  • Thermoform Counter Mold
  • Double Shell Mold
  • Re-usable Bags
  • Bladders and Inserts
  • Foam Inserts
  • Tack Spray Issues
  • Conclusion
  • Document Section

Module Included in:



  • Composite Fabricators Association - articles, figures, and diagrams
  • EPA - information about the MACT rule and the Clean Air Act Amendments
  • Glossary of Terms - A 330-term index of terms
  • Product Information - Detailed product information about every product used in the VIP program
  • Professional Boat Builders Magazine - A subscription form to this popular magazine
  • VIP Course Text - A printable manual of Andre's VIP training course
  • VIP Diagrams - Useful and printable diagrams
  • VIP Patent List - A list of all applicable patents to the VIP process
  • VIP Track Sheet for Infusion - Andre includes the worksheet templates (with examples) he uses during infusion
  • VIP Vacuum Values Table - A quick-reference chart for converting various pressure measurement systems

*Note: The documents are contained in the ROM portion of the DVD and can only be accessed through the DVD drive of a computer.

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