Wet Head: Water roulette game.

Wet Head

The fun and silly water roulette game.

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Wet Head is a family game where someone gets soaked and everyone has fun!

Players take turns wearing the helmet, spinning the spinner, and pulling the plug on the indicated number of rods sticking out of the hat.

One of the rods is holding back the water stored on top of the helmet. Pull the wrong rod and, you’ll get drenched as your friends and family squeal in delight. If you’re the bystander, don’t laugh too hard; you could be next as you refill the top and play again.

Features & specs

  • Set includes helmet, water container, eight rods, and spinner
  • Pull a rod and you might get soaked
  • Free downloadable app from iPhone App Store and Android Play expands gameplay to include trivia

Wet Roulette

In Wet Head, you don the yellow helmet, give the water chamber a spin, and pull a rod. Seven of the rods are duds, but one acts a plug, and removing it douses the wearer—and only the wearer—with water.

Cringe in anticipation as you pull a rod, hoping to stay dry. Breathe a sigh of relief when you survive, then pass the helmet to the next player, whose chance of precipitation just went up.

Pull a rod and stay dry, or get a personal drizzle.

Sunny with a 100% chance of showers

The forecast today is a ton of fun!

Playing Wet Head might sound kind of crazy. Who in their right mind would volunteer to get water dumped on them? But the nervous anticipation of the downpour gives you an exciting buzz. And when you steel your resolve and grab a pin, one of two things happens: you get refreshing cool water poured on your head or you stay bone dry and get to enjoy watching someone else go through the same thing!

Will you be the next wet head?
Someone is going to get wet.

Grip it and rip it

To play Wet Head, fill the blue reservoir with water (or your favorite liquid), give the rods a merry-go-round spin, and strap the hard hat onto your noggin. Then spin the wheel to find out what to do next.

If you’re lucky, you might land on "skip" or "reverse". But you’ll probably be tasked with pulling at least one rod from the helmet. So choose wisely, commit, and remove the tube. If you’re unlucky, you now have a wet head and the opportunity to style a new hair-do. If you’re still dry up top, pass the helmet onto the next victim player.

Put on wet head, spin the spinner, and take your chances
Take a chance on fun.

What you get

Wet Head includes a cardboard spinner, a plastic helmet with a revolving reservoir, and eight identical pins. Fill ‘er up, grab some friends, and have fun!

includes:Wet Head helmet, 8 removable pins, Spinner

Extreme Wet Head Challenge

We constructed a giant-sized Wet Head device, filled it with a few gallons of something crazy, and got soaked. This is Extreme Wet Head. Enjoy the video!

The Extreme Wet Head Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many rods make the water leak out?

Answer: Only one of the eight rods acts as a plug. The first player has a one in eight chance of getting wet, and the probability goes up as more rods are pulled.

Question: Can’t you just memorize which rod is the real trigger?

Answer: The blue reservoir is a carousel that spins. When you put in the rods and rotate the top, everyone should lose track of which rod is the linchpin.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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