Wino Sippers: Wine glasses with built in sipping straws
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Wino Sippers (2-pack)

Wine glasses with built in sipping straws

Wino Sippers
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  • Wino Sippers
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Who says wine is just for stuffy snobs? Put the fun back in your glass and drink vino from Wino Sippers, glass cups with an integrated straw.

Each pair of Wino Sippers is a single piece of glass that’s both cup and straw! It’s not just whimsical; drinking from a straw keeps your pearly whites unstained from the wine’s tannins.

The fun drinkware also features a pair of integrated feet that work in conjunction with the bottom of the straw to provide an incredibly stable three-point base, regardless of how tipsy you are.

Features & specs

  • Pair of wine glasses with integrated drinking straws
  • 3-point base for stability
  • Holds 5 fl. oz. of wine
  • Material: glass

Sip wine from a straw

Put down the pretense, pick up a Wino Sipper, and toast to fun! The glass has a permanently attached straw on the bottom, so you can enjoy every last drop of your favorite fermented grapes in a fun way that won’t stain your teeth.

It’s a cup and a straw!
Sip doesn’t mean gulp.

Never tipsy

You’re probably going to enjoy Wino Sippers so much that you use them a lot. That means you might get a little tipsy sometimes. So it’s a good thing that the glasses themselves are super stable. Two glass feet team up with the under-mounted glass straw to make a tripod that won’t be toppled over.

Integrated feet for stability
It stands on its own three feet.

Deep reds and pearly whites

Thanks to Wino Sipper’s stable three-point base, wine won’t stain your carpet. And thanks to the integrated straw, wine won’t stain your teeth. Ordinarily, when wine washes over your teeth, it can leave unsightly maroon residue on your chompers. But when you drink wine through a straw, you can confidently smile, knowing your teeth aren’t turning crimson.

Straw prevents red wine stains
You still need to check for spinach between your teeth.

Double your drinking

What could be more fun than a Wino Sipper? Two Wino Sippers, of course! Each set includes a pair of straw-attached wine glasses. So grab a friend, get pouring, and have some fun!

Two glasses per set!
This particular wine pairs well with more wine.

Question: Are they breakable?

Answer: They’re as breakable as any other glass.

Question: Can I drink something other than wine from them?

Answer: You can fill Wino Sippers with any beverage your little heart desires.

Question: If I blow into the straw, will it make bubbles?

Answer: Yep! Ordinarily, blowing bubbles in wine is unsophisticated, but these glasses have no pretense. Plus, making bubbles is fun!

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