Snowtime Indoor Snowballs

Enjoy indoor snow ball fights!

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Engage in snowball warfare anytime with Snowtime Indoor Snowballs.

Made from a cotton-like synthetic fibrous material, Snowtime Snowballs are soft and dry, but feel like crunchy, densely-packed snow.

Soft enough to be safely used indoors, Snowtime Snowballs are also heavy enough to be thrown fast and straight while harmlessly bouncing off your valuables.

Each pack of Snowtime Snowballs includes 30 balls.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per ball): 3" diameter
  • 30 snowballs per set
  • Addictively crunchy
  • Safe for the indoors
  • Ages 3+

Watch our Indoor Snowballs video

Bring your snowball wars indoors!

Enjoy pelting family and friends with synthetic Snowtime Snowballs. Made from cotton-soft fibrous material, Snowtime Snowballs are fun to throw, but 100% harmless.

Man playing with Snowtime Snowballs indoors.
Enjoy indoor snowball warfare with Snowtime Indoor Snowballs.

Squishy and crunchy like densely packed snow

Wage indoor snowball warfare anytime with Snowtime Snowballs. Although each snowball feels like crunchy compact snow, they are completely dry and won't melt.

Hand crunching a Snowtime Snowball.
Snowtime Snowballs are satisfyingly crunchy. 

Soft like cotton, but dense enough for serious fun

You may think that a soft ball made from cotton-like fibers would be difficult to throw, as if it would be like trying to throw a cloud of cotton. Not so!

Snowtime Snowballs have just the right amount of weight. You can fling them fast and hard, and they even bounce.

Indoor snowballs can be thrown fast and are bouncy.
Snowtime Snowballs are heavy enough to fling fast and dense enough to bounce.

Won't break your stuff!

We realize we just finished telling you how Snowtime Snowballs are dense enough for bouncing and heavy enough for high velocity throwing, but we can assure you that they won't break your stuff!

The manufacturer simply designed them correctly. They're heavy and compact enough to throw, but not so rigid as to be dangerous indoors.

Snowtime Snowballs are safe for indoor use.
No need to hide your valuables! Snowtime Snowballs are safe and soft indoors. 

Invite over some friends! 

You'll have plenty of Snowtime Snowballs to go around. Each set includes 30 balls!

Each pack of Snowtime Snowballs includes 30 snowballs.
Each set of Snowtime Snowballs includes 30 snowballs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are they cold or wet?

Answer: Nope! Snowtime Snowballs are perfect for indoor use. Despite being completely dry and made from a cotton-like fibrous material, Snowtime Snowballs share many of the characteristics of actual snowballs. They're crunchy and can be hurled fast and hard. However, if you get hit in the face, you'll just laugh it off.

Question: Do they hurt if you get hit?

Answer: Not at all. In our tests, we pegged a four year old girl in the face from a few feet away and she giggled as if nothing had happened.

Question: Is it just a big cotton ball?

Answer: Not at all! Cotton balls are so lightweight that they cannot be slung accurately. Snowtime Snowballs are fun and easy to throw. They feel crunchy when squeezed and won't damage your valuables. They're pretty much pure awesome. So, buy, buy, buy!

Sorry! We're sold out until September 11.

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