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WordARound Fast-Paced Card Game

It's a race to unravel the word in the ring!

WordARound Game
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In WordARound, race to be the first to unravel and shout out the word in one of the card's three colored rings.

It may sound easy, but trying to find the start of a word that has been written into a circle is mega hard! WordARound's fun, fast-paced action and easy-to-learn gameplay make it a perfect addition to your next game night.

Designed for 2+ players, WordARound includes 100 cards with three words per card. Ages 10+.

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Features & specs:

  • Ages 10+
  • 2+ players
  • 100 cards (3 words per card)
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master

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So frustrating... because the word is right there!

Who knew that writing a word in a ring would make it so hard to find!

In WordARound, the word isn't jumbled. The word isn't obscured. It's simply written in a ring. Your job is to be the first to figure out where it starts and call it out. Simple rules, but difficult to execute!

Group of people enjoying a fun game of WordARound.
Each word is wrapped inside a colored ring. Be the first to call it out! 

For 2+ players (because single-player races are boring)

We love WordARound because it creates facepalm-worthy moments in every round.

Each word is sitting directly in front of you and once someone calls it out, you can't help but see it staring you in the face. Argh, if only you'd seen it a second earlier!

Be the first to discover the word written in the ring.
WordARound is a fun and fast-paced game for 2+ players. Recommended ages 10+.

Plenty of playability

Each WordARound card is comprised of three rings. Because only one ring is used per round and the average game is about 15-20 rounds, you'll play a lot of games before you see any repeats.

WordARound includes 100 cards with 3 words per card.
WordARound includes one hundred 3-word cards.

Now you give it a try!

Each WordARound card has three words on one side and a color on the reverse. The game begins with the word in the black ring. When solved, this card is flipped over to reveal the back side's color. This color is then used for the next card.

For a bit of fun, see how quickly you can unwind the three words below. Click the image to see the answers. 

Click to return to original image.
Can you unravel the three words?
How fast can you spot the three words? Click the image above for the answers.

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