Awesome Time #72
Want to shop in person? Now you can!

Awesome Time #72

Aired February 13, 2015

New products introduced in this episode:

Rain protection that fits in a purse.


These are the jelly beans you’re looking for.


A high-quality glass mug with a built-in bottle opener.


Ultra-compact and portable power napping pillow.


Add a hot beverage to reveal the classic SEGA game.


Wrap yourself in summertime Scottish pride.


The not-so-secret 64 fl oz drinking vessel.


New videos since the last episode:

Officially licensed hand-drawn deck of cards.
Rain protection that fits in a purse.
A pair of high-quality rearrangeable plush animals.
Foul-smelling putricant will clear any room.

New styles of current favorites introduced in this episode:

We recently introduced one new style of the The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books.
Book 2

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