Awesome Time #92
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Awesome Time #92

Aired December 16, 2015

New products introduced in this episode:

Easy blow-up holiday decoration.


Nature’s most playful animal on your desk!


Carry 12 beers in a soldier’s ammo strap!


A bucket of Army Man-style skateboarder figurines.


Versatile and unique high pressure water bottle.


Let your inner werewolf out!


Illuminated string of soft-glow lights styled like Scrabble tiles.


Candy filled with even more candy!

From $1.50 to $19.99

New videos since the last episode:

DIY circuit-building kit for imaginative inventors.
An amazing dual-scented candle that’s a literal gag gift!
Pliable putty with the color and shimmer of precious metals.
LED utility flashlight and compact survival kit.
Check out this bonus video on our YouTube Channel!
Check out this bonus video on our YouTube Channel!

New styles of current favorites introduced in this episode:

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