Awesome Time #86
Want to shop in person? Now you can!

Awesome Time #86

Aired September 18, 2015

New products introduced in this episode:

Most awesome droid in the galaxy


Tiny, comical, full-featured, and high-quality bicycle.


Star Wars-themed Jelly Belly dispenser.


Battery-powered Chocolate Milk Mixer.


Moldable sand that’s fun to play with day or night.


Set of four placemats styled after playing cards.


Ferocious wall ornaments.


New videos since the last episode:

Alley-oop mallows into this handcrafted mug.
The healthy alternative to microwave popcorn bags.
Make your own pencil erasers!
Most awesome droid in the galaxy
Unique coiled wick candle recycles itself into a pillar candle.
DIY metal models of robots in disguise.

New styles of current favorites introduced in this episode:

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