Scorpions, Spicy Lip Gloss, and the Urban Dictionary Challenge | #94

Aired January 29, 2016

New products introduced in this episode:

Lollipops with a real stinging arachnid inside.


Mullet wig integrated into a headband.


Tiny pocket-size pillows stuffed with character.


Party game inspired by the popular slang words website.


Inflatable arm chair that looks like delicious candy.


Carry 12 beers in a soldier’s ammo strap!


Moldable clay figures that melt again and again.


Bandages that look like nasty cuts and gashes!


New videos since the last episode:

Mess-reducing anti-gravity painting tool!
Candy filled with even more candy!
Credit Card sized 26-in-1 Multi-tool
Tiny pocket-size pillows stuffed with character.
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New styles of current favorites introduced in this episode:

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