Q&A, Spicy Jelly Beans, and Soda Licorice
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Q&A, Spicy Jelly Beans, and Soda Licorice

Aired May 07, 2016

New products introduced in this episode:

Licorice twists flavored like popular sodas.


Hilarious set of restaurant parody lunch bags.


Sweet and spicy jelly beans made with chili peppers.

From $6.99 to $9.99

Hang-anywhere illuminated birthday party decoration.


Customizable coasters hold your favorite photos.


Jigsaw with gradual, maddening color shift from blue to green.


Hydrate your plants with this cute drip irrigation tower.


New videos since the last episode:

Tiny keyring charging cable.
Unicorn-shaped foam ball shooter that pops!
A scientific toy that feels like magic.
Cat-themed Motorized Animatronic Coin Collecting Bank.

New styles of current favorites introduced in this episode:

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