Live Streams, Creature Eye Lollipops, and Crazy Aaron | A.T. 106

Aired July 23, 2016

New products introduced in this episode:

Glow-in-the-dark putty with real shavings of the Statue of Liberty.


Amazing air mattress inflates in seconds without a pump.


Traditional style sucker the size of your face.


Creepy suckers with beautifully colored eyes.


Add a hot beverage and Van Gogh's ear changes to a bandage.


Pair of beverage bongs to shoot champagne.


New videos since the last episode:

Spray fresh citrus juice directly from your fruit.
Balls that create colored chalk puffs with every throw.
Bendable, flexible, and twistable colored pencils.
Build and play your own video games!
Unique, energetic game combines volleyball and four square.
Solar system themed spherical suckers.

New styles of current favorites introduced in this episode:

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