Awesome Time #81
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Awesome Time #81

Aired June 19, 2015

New products introduced in this episode:

The healthy alternative to microwave popcorn bags.

From $4.99 to $19.99

Heat-changing mug celebrating the iconic animated film.


Quick-pose animating toy.


Dino-shaped aquarium for glow-in-the-dark plankton.


Add hot water to turn stars into constellations.


Water toy that looks like classic candy!


5-foot-long pool float styled after the classic candy.


Relax on the water in an inner tube that looks like a donut.


New videos since the last episode:

It’s delivery and it’s gummy.
The not-so-secret 64 fl oz drinking vessel.
The super competitive traffic jam puzzle game.
It's a stylus, ruler, level, screwdriver, and... a pen!
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