Ambient Flowers Spring DVD: Ultimate Video Garden & Reference DVD
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Ambient Flowers: Spring DVD

Beautiful spring flowers for your TV (shot in HD!)

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Transform your TV into a beautiful and serene spring flower garden with Ambient Flowers: Spring. This 114-minute DVD includes over 250 gorgeous spring flowers all shot in high definition.

Choose scenes by color to match your decor or display all scenes randomly. Pair any scene with natural outdoor sound effects or one of three music choices. Includes interactive features and educational materials.

Turn your TV into a dream garden with Ambient Flowers: Spring.

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Features & specs

  • Over 250 gorgeous spring flowers
  • "View by color" option
  • Four audio options
  • 50 printable PDF documents
  • 399 desktop wallpapers for your PC
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Turn your TV into a beautiful spring garden!

The Ambient Flowers: Spring DVD is a breathtaking virtual garden featuring over 250 lovely spring flowers.

Add the ambience of sun kissed tulips, daffodils, hyacinths (and more!) to any room in your house.

The Ambient Flowers: Spring DVD features over 250 beautiful spring flowers shot in HD.

Ambient Flowers: Spring features:

Ambient Flowers can be set to loop indefinitely.
The Ambient Flowers: Spring DVD can be set to loop infinitely. You can even create custom playlists based upon flower color.
Ambient Flowers include bonus desktop wallpapers and educational documents.
Bonus material includes wallpapers for your computer and printable educational documents about each flower featured on the DVD.
Ambient Flowers is designed to always fill your entire TV screen.
Ambient Flowers: Spring is formatted to always fill the entire screen on any type of television. No black bars.
Ambient Flowers includes three music choices as well as a 5.1 surround sound nature soundtrack.Choose between three different music choices as well as a 5.1 surround sound nature sfx soundtrack.
Ambient Flowers was shot in HD
The Ambient Flowers: Spring DVD was shot in HD (1080i), but it is still a standard DVD. It will play in any DVD player.

Ambient Flowers: Spring was shot in HD for stunning picture clarity

Ambient Flowers: Summer was shot in HDAll of Ambient Flowers: Spring was shot in stunning 1080i HD. The resulting DVD is still compatible with all DVD players, but the original HD footage ensures that we have faithfully captured every last detail.

Nearly 2 hours of video showcasing 250+ spring flowers

Ambient Flowers: Spring features over 250 varieties of your favorite spring flowers. Beautiful camelias, hyacinths, hybrid tulips, daffodils and more will grace your screen in this exquisite addition to the Ambient Flowers series of DVDs.

Fills all TVs - no black bars, ever!

Martini Guy says:

"These flowers do not require watering. I like that."


Ambient Flowers: Spring is specifically designed to always fill the entire screen no matter what type of television you own.

Loop Mode

Every DVD in the Ambient Series has the ability to loop any scene. This means there won't be any breaks in the action if you simply want your favorite scene to play over and over.

Note: Looping the same footage will not cause burn-in on a plasma TV. We actually tested this by making an intern watch the purple flowers scene from Ambient Flowers: Summer (nice cross-promo, eh?) for 221 straight hours. The TV was fine. The intern, not so much.

Detailed Flower Info

If you are so inclined, you can hit the enter button at any time on your DVD remote control to access a screen like the one you see below. It provides you with detailed identification and growing characteristics for the flower you were looking at. Trés cool!

When you're done looking at this screen, just hit the back button on the menu and you will be taken directly back to the spot in the DVD that you were just viewing.

Ambient Flowers: Spring includes detailed flower info
While viewing any flower in Ambient Flowers: Spring, simply hit the "enter" button on your DVD remote to view detailed information about that particular varietal.

Pop-up Flower Info

Not everyone wants all the super-detailed info that you can get from hitting 'enter'. Sometimes, you just want a snapshot of info. That's where our pop-up dock comes into play. With the touch of a button you can toggle information at the bottom of the screen on and off.

Flower pop up info is available at the click of your remote.
You can toggle the flower information at the bottom of the screen on and off using the "angle" button on your DVD remote control.

View scenes by flower color

We've made it easy to match your display of Ambient Flowers: Spring to nearly any décor. Simply choose between red, purple, white, yellow, and orange to view all of the flowers of that color.

View all white flowers. Or red flowers. Or purple flowers. I think you get the idea.

5.1 Surround Sound and 3 Music Choices

Ambient Flowers: Spring includes a serene 5.1 surround sound nature track to accompany all of the scenes on the DVD. We figured that if you wanted to turn your TV into a dream garden, it should sound as beautiful as it looks.

In addition to the nature sound effects track, we've included three music choices.

Ambient Flowers: Spring includes the following audio choices:

  1. Nature Sound Effects
  2. Classical Masters
  3. Acoustic Guitar
  4. Violin Virtuosos

You can watch any scene with any of three musical accompaniments or choose to listen to just SFX.

Bonus DVD-ROM Content!

Ambient Flowers: Spring includes bonus dvd-rom content

We loaded Ambient Flowers: Spring up with a ton of bonus features because, well, who doesn't love a nice bonus, right?

There are over 50 printable educational PDF documents on each major type of flower on the DVD. There are also 399 desktop wallpapers for your computer. 399!

Printable PDFs contain detailed information about the history, cultivation, and uses of the species. Also includes additional reference links.

Simply toss the Ambient Flowers: Spring DVD into any computer's DVD-ROM drive to access the bonus content.

Use our exclusive playlist feature to create a customized experience

The playlist feature allows you to watch Ambient Flowers: Spring the way you want to watch it. If you don't feel like creating your own playlist, you can use one of the two built-in playlists (Play All Flowers by Color or Play All Scenes).

If you choose to build your own custom playlist, you get to choose the order of the scenes as well as the audio that will accompany each of those scenes.

You will make all of these choices using your DVD remote control. And if you get stuck, click the "Help" button at the bottom of any screen.

The playlist feature is only available on DVDs from Vat19.
That's because we're super-awesome, have huge brains, and our mulch smells like roses.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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