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Ambient Water DVD: The Ultimate Video Aquarium

All the fun of an aquarium without any of the hassle (shot in HD!)

Ambient Water DVD
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Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
Ambient Water DVD image
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Need to relax? Love fish? Then the Ultimate Video Aquarium DVD is for you.

The Ambient Water video aquarium DVD includes over 3 hours of gorgeous and vibrant fish captured in high definition for the best picture quality and clarity.

Choose your favorite aquarium and pair it with soothing bubbling sound effects or a selection of relaxation music. With loop mode, there will never be an interruption in the action.

Enhance the experience with built-in playlists or even design your own. Bonuses include desktop wallpapers for your PC or Mac as well as an underwater coral reef adventure. TRT: 190 minutes.

Features & specs

  • Nine gorgeous aquariums (salt and fresh water)
  • Loop mode for continuous playback
  • Custom playlists
  • Dolby 5.1 surround sound effects
  • Shot in HD
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Turn your TV into a beautiful and peaceful video aquarium
Shot in 1080i HD * Designed for ALL TVs

The Ambient Water DVD is one of the most popular aquarium DVDs ever filmed. Its extensive use of interactive features allow you to fully customize your virtual aquarium experience.

Choose to watch a single scene looped continuously for the ultimate, "Hey, my TV is now an aquarium", effect. Or build a custom playlist of scenes for greater variety. Match relaxing music choices with an array of stunning freshwater and saltwater scenes or simply listen to the natural sounds of a bubbling aquarium. It's all up to you and it's all available on Ambient Water.

Screenshot of Ambient Water: The Ultimate Video Aquarium DVD

Ambient Water: Ultimate Video Aquarium DVD features:

Ambient Water: Ultimate Video Aquarium DVD features loop mode
Ambient Water: Ultimate Aquarium Video features 5.1 surround sound
Ambient Water fills all TVs
Ambient Water: Ultimate Video Aquarium DVD was shot in HD
Ambient Water has multiple music options.
The ultimate video aquarium DVD can be set to loop indefinitely. You can even create custom playlists.
Ambient Water includes saltwater, freshwater, and underwater coral reef sound effects.
No matter what type of TV you own, the Ambient Water DVD will always fill the entire screen.
Ambient Water was shot in HD (1080i), but is still a standard DVD. It will play in any DVD player.
Pop Ambient Water into your computer's DVD-ROM drive for cool bonus features.

Enjoy the calm and serenity of nine (9) crystal clear video aquariums  

We've had so much success with our video aquarium DVD that we're now into our 4th edition. This newest version boasts:

  • Nine (9) Video Aquariums: Real, breathing fish. These are not computer generated.
  • Shot in HD: Ambient Water was shot in 1080i HD. It will still play on any DVD player.
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound: It's like you're inside the aquarium...but breathing...and not wet.
  • No Black Bars: The Ambient Water aquarium DVD always fills your entire screen.
  • Three (3) hours: Over 3 hours of crystal clear video aquariums.
  • Bonus Bahamian Coral Reef: Includes a bonus underwater tour of a protected coral reef.

It's an aquarium. For your TV. Pretty sweet, huh?

So basically, the Ambient Water DVD is one of the greatest products ever invented. It's fun, cool, relaxing, and with the ability to loop any scene, you'll never get jolted back into "reality" by an abrupt ending.

The DVD includes the following video aquarium scenes:

  1. Nine Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums.
  2. Four fish tank scenes that are each 30 minutes long.
  3. Six fish tank scenes that are each 10 minutes long. (Including 1 bonus scene)

Saltwater Video Aquarium (wide shot)Close-up of a saltwater aquarium (clam)
Here are just a few screenshots of the saltwater video aquariums. Only one scene in the Ambient Water
DVD contains close-ups. We did this because on a 60" screen, the close-ups could be a little too close.

Wide shot of a saltwater video aquarium (colorful coral)Wideshot of a saltwater video aquarium - rock coral, very rare.
The shot on the left is one of the most vibrant collections of fish on a TV we've encountered.
The shot on the right is a very unique aquarium in that the entire habitat is living rock.

Close-up of a saltwater video aquarium (anemone)Clownfish in an anemone, saltwater aquarium
These two shots are from the one close-up scene included on Ambient Water. We decided to name the
clownfish on the right 'Morty'. While not starring in fake aquarium DVDs, he likes to swim slowly
through his anemone and flirt with the clownfish on the other side of the fish tank.

Small lobster in a fake aquarium dvdClownfish in an aquarium video
We'd never seen a lobster in a fishtank that wasn't about to be someone's main course. So, we had to include 'Claws'
in our ultimate video aquarium DVD. The clown fish on the right seems to have had enough of Morty
and is heading to the other side of the aquarium.

Frog climbing up the side of a video aquarium screenGuppies, wideshot, in an aquarium video
These are screenshots from our freshwater aquariums. The fish tank on the left is filled with frogs
that put on quite a show when heading towards the top of the tank. The bright colors
of the guppies on the right are simply mesmerizing.

Neon tetras in a fish tank dvdSaltwater fish in a fish tank DVD
Here are two more freshwater fish tanks that are filled with neon tetras. Put these fish on your TV and
you may be tempted to start talking to them. Go ahead, no one has to know.

Dolby 5.1: Tommy, can you hear me?

With the Ambient Water DVD's Dolby 5.1 surround sound, you can completely immerse yourself in any one of the nine included aquariums.

You may be wondering if we actually put real microphones into the fish tanks we shot. The answer is yes. But I wouldn't suggest trying that at home.

Dolby 5.1 Surround is included on Ambient Water.

Looping mode: ...the fish in the bowl swim 'round an' 'round

Every DVD in the Ambient Series has the ability to loop any scene. This means there won't be any breaks in the action if you simply want your favorite scene to play over and over.

However, if you get bored watching the same scene again and again, you can use our exclusive playlist feature to create your own playlist of scenes.

Create your own playlist

One of the hallmarks of our Ambient Series is the ability to setup the DVD how you want to watch it. You pick the scene and you pick the audio.

Choose your playlist.  PIck from saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums, or build a custom playlist.
1. Choose a built-in playlist or you can build your own playlist.
Martini Guy taking a swim
Custom Playlist.  Choose your aquarium DVD scene.
2. Choose the first aquarium scene for your playlist. You can add up to six.
Choose the audio scene to accompany your virtual aquarium choice.
3. Choose the audio for that scene. You can choose between Coral Reef sfx, Saltwater Tank sfx, Freshwater Tank sfx, and Music.

Works on all televisions. Always fills the entire screen.

Our video fireplace DVD always fills the entire screen.

Our video aquarium DVD fills the entire screen on all TVs. No Black Bars.

Although we shot the Ambient Water aquarium DVD in high definition, it will still play on any TV. We specifically designed Ambient Water so that it will always fill the entire screen (no black bars) - because we've never seen an aquarium with black bars. So, if you're looking for the most realistic fake aquarium video, this is it. In our fourth edition, we've captured the best fish for TV we've ever shot. Enjoy!

Ambient Water's video aquariums display nicely on all types of TVs.
Martini Guy enjoying the fish for TV to his right.

Martini Guy says:

"I don't even have a TV. But if I did, Ambient Water would fill the whole screen."

Bonus #1: Underwater coral reef tour

In addition to the plethora of video aquariums on Ambient Water, we've also included some stellar underwater footage that we shot in the Bahamas. While this isn't technically the same thing as the other aquarium videos, it's still fish for your TV (or sharks, lobsters, sting rays, and other cool tropical fish).

Fish for your TV.  Enjoy!Sting Ray

Sharks in a fake aquarium?  Yes, indeed.Lobster

Bonus #2: Relaxation scene

OK, this isn't traditional aquarium DVD fare either, but what the heck, it's beautiful and relaxing -- just like our aquariums. Enjoy these calming bonus scenes.

Sunset bonus video.Waves bonus video on our fake aquarium DVD.

Bonus #3: Computer desktop wallpapers

Put snapshots of our fish tank DVD onto your computer desktop.
Martini Guy enjoying virtual aquarium snapshots on his computer monitor.

Martini Guy says:

"Look at the size of this computer monitor! It's huge!"

We've included 85 high resolution desktop wallpapers on Ambient Water: The Ultimate Video Aquarium DVD, so you can enjoy the beauty at work, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will each aquarium video play?

Answer: Each of the scenes are either 30 minutes long or 10 minutes long. There are four scenes that are 30 minutes long and six that are 10 minutes long.

Question: I'm not sure I dig your music; can I listen to just the sounds of the aquarium?

Answer: Yes, indeed! You can pair any of our audio choices (saltwater aquarium sounds, freshwater aquarium sounds, coral reef sounds, or music) with any scene on the DVD. It's a cool feature that gives you a lot of flexibility.

Question: I don't live in the US. Will this aquarium DVD play in my country?

Answer: Yes. All of our DVDs are region free. That means that Ambient Water will play in any DVD player regardless of the region encoding of your player.

Question: Is this the greatest video aquarium DVD ever produced by man and will purchasing many copies for myself and my friends make me as popular as Borat and as cool as The Fonz?

Answer: Yes. We put a lot of work into the Ambient Water aquarium DVD to ensure we captured beautiful aquariums in the best light possible. We included features that you'll enjoy and we certainly hope your friends will be impressed. And in case you're wondering, we receive that question A LOT.

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