Candy Shop Erasers: Pencil erasers shaped like adorable confections.
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Candy Shop Erasers (7-piece set)

Pencil erasers shaped like adorable confections.

Candy Shop Erasers
Mix up your own erasable candy creations!
Mark out mistakes with sweet style!
  • Candy Shop Erasers
  • Mix up your own erasable candy creations!
  • Mark out mistakes with sweet style!
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Make sure you've got the sweetest stationery in class with Candy Shop Erasers. These cute candy-themed pencil erasers don't just remove errant pencil marks; they do it with an adorable sense of style that can only come from Japan, land of kawaii-cuteness.

Featuring a selection of sweets including a quartet of gummy bears, a pair of (mini) jumbo lollipops, a gumball machine, a candy bag, lip balm, and even a tiny bucket of popcorn, you'll have a mouthwatering miscellany of error-eliminators at your fingertips.

So take care of your teensy-weensy mistakes (or even bigger ones) with a delightfully charming set of erasers so darling that you could just eat them right up.

Features & specs

  • Cute little erasers that look like a variety of candies
  • Super adorable!
  • Don’t eat!
  • Includes 7 pieces: pack of 4 gummy bears, gumball machine, yellow lollipop, white lollipop, bag of candy pops, popcorn bucket, and lip balm
  • Made in Japan
  • Each piece is approx. 1" long (2.5 cm)
  • Material: rubber with some non-erasing plastic elements (balm tube, popcorn bucket, candy bag sleeve, gumball dome, lollipop sticks, and cellophane wrapping)
  • Ages 3+

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