Desktop Magnetic Dart Game: Portable metal dartboard with magnet-tipped darts.
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Desktop Magnetic Dart Game

Portable metal dartboard with magnet-tipped darts.

Desktop Magnetic Dart Game
Magnet tipped darts
Adjustable magnetic dartboard
  • Desktop Magnetic Dart Game
  • Magnet tipped darts
  • Adjustable magnetic dartboard
This item has been discontinued.


Bring a bit of happy hour fun into your cubicle and start playing the Desktop Magnetic Dart Game! This tabletop set is a compact and clever adaptation of the classic bar game.

In place of the sharp (and workplace-hazardous) tips, the plastic darts each have a magnet affixed to the end that attaches securely to the adjustable-height metal board.

Take aim at the double-sided board when you’ve got time to kill between meetings or you need to figure out who’s buying lunch.

The game’s small size and sturdy base make it easy to fit into offices, dorms, or any room where you need to unwind.

Features & specs

  • 6 magnet-tipped colored darts
  • Two-sided metal dartboard
  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy metal base
  • Materials: metal, magnets, plastic
  • Dimensions: 6.5” x 17” (16.51 cm x 43.18 cm)

All play, no work

Your cubicle is probably never going to feel like a hoppin’ night spot, but the Magnetic Dart set can at least make it a place for occasional relaxation. The portable bar game fits easily on your desk when you want to warm up for happy hour, break the ice with a new coworker, or liven up a conference call.

It’ll make your desk so popular, you might want to charge a cover.

What else are you gonna do, work?

Magnetically made

Throwing pointed projectiles around the office is a great way to earn a mandatory invitation to visit with HR. Instead, stay safe with your office slacking and use the Magnetic Dart Game.

The plastic colored darts have a small, flat magnet in place of a sharp tip. The magnets stick securely to the metal board so there’s nothing stopping you from nailing that bullseye (but you can always blame the fluorescent light in your eye).

Magnet tipped darts
Less danger, more fun.

Two faced

A standard dartboard can play host to a wide variety of games, from cricket to around the world to casual tossing. This magnetic version has even more options with an alternate board on the other side. Flip the board to the reverse for a more minimalist board that has a series of concentric circles labeled 1 through 9 and a bullseye in the middle.

Which side is my good side?

Easy fun

The Desktop Magnetic Dart Game is small enough to unobtrusively fit your space while still being substantial enough to feel like you’re playing a real game. The wide, weighted metal base will keep the board standing upright as you throw each of the six included darts.

The board’s adjustable post lets you choose the height that works best for your setting, whether it’s an office, dorm, or kid’s room.

Adjustable magnetic dartboard
You don’t have to leave your ID with the bartender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do the magnet tips make the darts fly weird?

Answer: Expert dart players will probably be able to tell a difference, but we didn’t notice anything odd in our tossing. Keep in mind, you’ll most likely be throwing over a short distance anyway.

Question: Can I hang this on my wall?

Answer: The board detaches from the stand and has a small triangle hook that could be used for hanging. However, the Desktop Magnetic Dart Game is designed more for… a desktop.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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