DIY Hot Sauce Kit: Make your own hot sauce using real chili peppers!

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Make your own hot sauce using real chili peppers!

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Go on a culinary kick with a kick! The DIY Hot Sauce Kit provides the instructions and quality ingredients you need to cook up your own hot sauce from scratch.

Included in the box are three bags of some of the most popular peppers in the world: habanero, chipotle, and ancho pasilla. For the truly brave, there’s also a Ghost Pepper daring you to test your taste buds. All the chilis have been dried and kept whole to give you the complete fiery flavor.

Follow one of the four simple recipes to make a sauce using the peppers and the other ingredients in the kit. Once complete, store your capsaicin concoction in one of the included bottles and keep your customized condiment ready to spice up your meals and impress guests.

Features & specs

  • Ingredients and equipment to make and bottle hot sauce
  • Makes 7 bottles of hot sauce
  • Includes whole, dried ghost pepper, chipotle peppers, habanero peppers, and ancho pasillas peppers
  • Also includes 3 glass sauce bottles with caps and reducers, 4 squeeze bottles with caps, 2-inch diameter funnel, apple cider vinegar, zippered pouch of spice blend, 2 pairs of plastic gloves, 5 pH strips, instruction card, and 7 label stickers
  • Instructions contain four hot sauce recipes
  • Made in the USA

Be a sauce boss

Spice preference, like fashion choice or your favorite Nicholas Cage movie, varies greatly from person to person. The DIY Hot Sauce Kit lets you craft your own spicy condiment just how you like it... and makes the activity easy enough to be fun!

The quality packaging is filled with a delicious savory and spicy aroma, hinting at the tastiness that awaits you. After you read through the humorous instructions, you'll be salivating to start making your own hot sauce.

That looks tasty.

Pepper packs

Anyone can make a sauce that packs a lot of heat, but to make a hot sauce so tasty you want to put it on everything, you need quality ingredients.

The DIY Hot Sauce Kit includes three bags of 5th generation chili peppers bred for taste as well as spice. In addition to these popular peppers, the kit includes a bonus Ghost Pepper for those who want to crank the heat up a notch!

Top off these peppers with the included savory spice blend featuring onion flakes, mustard flower, white garlic, and cumin! It’ll imbue your sauce with additional flavor for a smoky, rich complement to your meal.

ghost pepper, chipotle peppers, habanero peppers, and ancho pasillas peppers
Choose from four included pepper types.

Recipe for spicy success

Hot sauce is one of those popular foods that many enjoy but few have tried to make. This convenient kit makes preparation easy with clear instructions.

There are four recipes in the kit, but each follows the same eight-step process. You don’t need to be a celebrity chef or have a Ph.D. in spice-ology to ace this recipe; you simply combine the ingredients on a stove top and then mix them all in a blender to create a smooth, delicious sauce. The kit even includes pH strips to make sure your sauce is maximizing its shelf life and flavor. Science!

Four hot sauce recipes included
The kit includes easy-to-follow recipes.

Seven-pack of sauce

The DIY Hot Sauce Kit includes enough ingredients to make seven bottles of hot sauce so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with the recipe that’s right for you.

Once you’ve perfected your signature sauce, the kit gives you the equipment to serve it up in style. Use the small funnel to fill up a glass or squeeze bottle and then add one of the sticker labels to remind yourself of the deliciousness inside. You’ll be happy to put these on the table for guests as soon as they're ready.

Seven bottles of hot sauce in the kit
Makes up to 7 bottles of sauce!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What cookware will I need?

Answer: The DIY Hot Sauce Kit requires the use of a saucepan or pot, a blender, and a spatula.

Question: What recipes are included?

Answer: The DIY Hot Sauce Kit includes recipes for Smokin’ Sauce, Caribbean Hot Sauce, The Purist Paste, and Probiotic Hot Sauce.

Question: How spicy is the “spice blend”?

Answer: The spice blend doesn’t contain heat—just savory rich flavors to make your sauce tastier.

Question: Does this kit have literally everything I need to make the sauces?

Answer: The kit includes just about everything. Two of the recipes in the kit require only a little sugar and salt. The other two recipes require a couple of additional ingredients like shredded coconut and dried mango.

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