The Original EarPod: Felt-lined earbud case prevents messy wires.

The Original EarPod

Felt-lined earbud case prevents messy earphone wires.

This item has been discontinued.


The EarPod Earbud Case prevents the tangled mess that is inevitably created when traditional methods of storage are used (i.e. shoving your earphones into your pocket, throwing them into your purse, or simply leaving them on the couch where invisible elves tie them into knots while you're sleeping).

The EarPod is a felt-lined earphone case with a rotating door and eight wire notches that make storing and protecting your earphones simple and easy. The notched design also makes it easy to shorten the length of the earphone cable. The EarPod includes a removable belt clip.

Features & specs

  • 2.5" diameter x 0.75" thick (1.1" thick with belt clip)
  • Removable belt clip
  • Easy-to-use rotating door
  • Felt lining to protect earphones
  • Can be used to shorten your earphone cable

The EarPod prevents that tangled mess of wires

The Original EarPod features a clever and easy-to-use design for a universal problem: tangled earphone wires! I shove them into my pocket, wrap them around the iPod, leave them on a table, and the result is always the same - a knotted, tangled mess that requires two minutes of untangling.

With the EarPod earbud holder, things can be much easier. Simply rest the earbuds in the felt-lined "pod", wrap the cord around the "channel" of the EarPod, and then close the rotating door,. The wire notches and grooves ensure that nothing comes undone once you've tossed the EarPod into your purse, pocket, or car.

EarPod Earphone case prevents knotted wires
Organize your earphone wires with the EarPod earbud case.

Use the EarPod to shorten the wire

You can use the EarPod earphone case for more than just neatly storing your earphones. It can also shorten the length of the wire so that unnecessary excess isn't getting in your way. Keep in mind that the EarPod can work with any set of earphones, not just the ones that come with iPods.

EarPod earbud holder can shorten your earphone cable
It's easy to use the EarPod to roll up the slack on your wire.

Yes, the belt clip is removable

Some people love to hang every possible piece of electronics from their belt. They've got phones, PDAs, multi-tools (ya' know, for when you need to strip electrical wire when you're out and about), mp3 players, etc. We once saw someone with a cellphone armband because they had run out of room on their belt.

So, if you're someone who loves to keep items on your belt, you'll be pleased to know that the EarPod includes a belt clip. However, if you prefer using your pockets, it's nice to know you can remove the belt clip.

Original Earpod Earbud case features a removable belt clip
You can easily remove the belt clip if your fanny pack is taking up the bulk of your usable waist real estate. Actually, if you have a fanny pack, please take it off. Set it aside in the pile with all of the other items that should have been buried in your 1993 time capsule. We don't care what Louis Vuitton is trying to push down our throats, fanny packs are weak. Phew, that was a long caption.

The EarPod in action

We created a little photo essay to show you how one would actually use the EarPod earbud holder.

EarPod earphone case holder step 1Original EarPod how-to step 2
Step 1: Place your earbuds into the felt-lined case.Step 2: Wrap the cord of your earphones around the channel of the EarPod.
iPod earbud holder case step 3Final step for case earpod earphone case.
Step 3: Once the cord is almost completely wrapped, feed the end through one of the wire notches.Step 4: Rotate the door of the EarPod closed. It will snap into place. Your earphones are now secure.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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