The Edible Bubbles Kit: Create your own bubble snacks!
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The Edible Bubbles Kit

Create your own bubble snacks!

The Edible Bubbles Kit
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Just add your favorite drink
Shake the Bubble Kit bottle gently.
Just add your favorite drink
Bubble mixology for all ages
Includes six bottles of non-toxic bubble solution
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Edible Bubbles Challenge: Delicious or Disgusting?
  • Edible Bubbles Kit
  • Just add your favorite drink
  • Shake the Bubble Kit bottle gently.
  • Just add your favorite drink
  • Bubble mixology for all ages
  • Includes six bottles of non-toxic bubble solution
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  • Video: Edible Bubbles Challenge: Delicious or Disgusting?
This item has been discontinued.


This item has been replaced by Lick-a-Bubble.

The Edible Bubbles Kit makes floating bubbles you can actually eat! Use your favorite delicious drink to blow yummy bubbles that are designed to be devoured.

Each bottle is partially filled with a non-toxic bubble solution. Add your favorite beverage to the mix, gently shake, and use the enclosed bubble wand to start creating your own floating flavored treats.

What makes this product truly awesome is that you choose the flavor of the bubbles by adding your drink of choice. Try soda bubbles for your child’s birthday, lemonade bubbles for a hot day, and orange juice bubbles for a whimsical weekend breakfast. The kit includes six bottles, so you can try all of your favorite flavors.

The bubbles are completely safe (and delicious) to eat, so snack away!

Features & specs

  • Includes six (6) bubble bottles with bubble wands
  • Bottles contain 25 ml (0.84 oz) of non-toxic bubble solution
  • Bottles can hold an additional 25 ml (0.84 oz) of chosen liquid
  • Not designed for thicker liquids like milk
  • Made in the USA

Flavored floating fun

The Edible Bubbles Kit not only lets you eat bubbles but also lets you choose the flavor! Have fun trying your favorite beverages in a gravity-defying way. You can put the bubble in bubbly, give wings to an energy drink, or make your root beer float. You’ll love chasing down each deliciously flavored bubble.

Bubble over with excitement.

Fill ‘er up

The Edible Bubbles Kit makes it easy to create your own tasty translucent treats.

The bottles are already pre-filled with a special non-toxic bubble solution. All you need to do is add your drink of choice, filling up the bottle to the red line. Gently shake the bottle to mix the solution with your beverage, and you’re ready to blow.

Use the bubble wand included with each bottle to start tasting your creation.

Just add your favorite drinkShake the Bubble Kit bottle gently.Just add your favorite drink
Give new meaning to bubble tea.

For kids and adults

Edible Bubbles are a great addition to your child’s birthday party, but make sure you set aside a couple bottles for the grownups, too. The kit works equally well with adult beverages; you can ring in the new year with champagne bubbles or use white wine bubbles as an icebreaker at your next happy hour. Try eating different bubble spirits at once for a levitating cocktail!

Bubble mixology for all ages
Bartender, I’ll have your finest bubble.

Seriously, works with almost any liquid!

Check out the Edible Bubbles Taste Test Challenge

Six pack of play

The solution in the Edible Bubbles Kit is non-toxic, so you can safely snack on your bubbles all day.

Each kit contains six bottles, which each have their own pre-measured solution and a bubble wand attached to the cap. The American-made kit features containers that were designed to use less plastic than a typical bottle to reduce environmental impact.

Please note: the manufacturer has made slight changes to the packaging since our video and photos were taken. However, the solution itself as well as quantity of solution has remained the same.

Includes six bottles of non-toxic bubble solution
Try a sudsy smorgasbord of your favorite flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use any liquid to make bubbles?

Answer: The Edible Bubbles Kit is not designed to work with thicker liquids, such as milk. Any liquid with the consistency of soda or juice should produce delicious bubbles.

Question: Is the solution safe to drink?

Answer: The pre-mixed bubble solution is non-toxic but not intended to be ingested on its own. It’s completely safe to consume but drinking an entire bottle could give you a stomach ache. Stick to the bubbles.

Question: Does the bubble solution have a flavor?

Answer: The solution itself is slightly sweet, but the bubbles will take on the flavor of the liquid that you add.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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