Elemental Ink Pens: Your writing disappears with heat and reappears with cold!
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Elemental Ink Pens

Your writing disappears with heat and reappears with cold!

Elemental Ink Pens
Choose from a 3-pack or 9-pack.
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  • Elemental Ink Pens
  • Choose from a 3-pack or 9-pack.
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  • Elemental Ink Pens — 9-Pack
Elemental Ink Pens - 3-Pack
Elemental Ink Pens - 9-Pack
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If your writing has a flair for the dramatic, take your inscriptions to the next level with Elemental Ink Pens. Part magic, part spycraft, and completely awesome, the ink from these colorful ballpoints completely disappears when you apply heat to them!

Since paper burns at a temperature about four times hotter than the ink, you can take a flame to your paper and astonish your audience or hide a secret without setting off a smoke detector. But a disappearing act is just half the trick. You can also make the invisible ink reappear by applying a freezing chill from a refrigerator (or, for a breathtaking effect, use dry ice)!

Combine the amazing transformative effects of these pens overlaid with the superimposed markings of a conventional pen that won't disappear to create the hottest (and the coolest) secret puzzle ever concealed.

Features & specs

  • Pens with disappearing, reappearing ink
  • Heat up your ink markings with a flame to make them disappear
  • Cool your ink markings in a freezer to make them reappear
  • Available as a 9-pack and a 3-pack
  • 3-Pack colors: black, blue, red
  • 9-Pack colors: black x 2, blue, red, green, light blue, pink, purple, and orange
  • Safe to use with flame: Ink disappears at 104°F (40°C) whereas normal paper lights at 451°F (233°C)

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Elemental espionage and enchantment

Elemental Ink Pens are the hottest way to hide a secret and the absolute coolest way to reveal it.

This set of colorful ballpoint pens writes on ordinary paper just like a regular pen, but when you apply heat to your writing, it completely disappears! No matter which color you're marking with, the lines will completely disappear under a flame and reappear in vivid hues with a chill. Is it magic, or is it something cooked up by Q branch to help you on your next secret mission? Either way, Elemental Ink Pens are incredibly awesome!

We certainly recommend using this power for good and not evil, so definitely don't hide your shady accounting and literally cook the books. Instead, wield your ballpoint wand to cast a dramatic spell at your next D&D game or secure your secret codes to save the day.

Harness the power of heat to hide and reveal.

Colorful concealers and revealers

Elemental Ink Pens would be extraordinary if they were just black pens, but they're available in a variety of vivid colors, and all of them have the same amazing disappearing, reappearing properties.

Choose a set between the essential blue, black, and red tricolor set and a 9-pack that also includes an array of colors that add pink, purple, light-blue, green, orange, and an extra black to the mix.

2 sets available: 9-pack and 3-pack
Choose between a red, blue, and black set or a whole spectrum of hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Won't I just light the paper on fire if I use a flame?

Answer: With intentional effort, you can light paper on fire easily enough, but if you keep your flame away from the edge and only hold it there for the amount of time it takes to disappear the ink, your paper (and the secret message it contains) will remain perfectly safe and intact.

Question: Can I write on things other than paper?

Answer: Elemental Ink Pens work similarly to a normal ink pen, so if you can make a mark with those, you should be able to make a mark with these. Certain fabrics and other surfaces should be fine, but if it's not on paper, we can't make any promises that your heat source won't damage your canvas.

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