The Fashion Anchor: Single-use shirt accessories.
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The Fashion Anchor (36-pack)

Disposable collar stays that work for any collar.

The Fashion Anchor
The Fashion Anchor image
The Fashion Anchor image
The Fashion Anchor image
  • The Fashion Anchor
This item has been discontinued.


If your collar won’t stay put, you look sloppy and unprofessional. Luckily, The Fashion Anchor has your back.

Each single-use button is made from a silicone-like substance coated with a mild adhesive. Attach it to your collar and press it against your shirt to keep your collar from going crazy.

Regardless of whether or not your shirt was made for collar stays, you’re sure to look more put together when you put these on. So tame your collar and stay sharp with The Fashion Anchor.

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Features & specs

  • Adhesive disposable collar stays
  • Use on all collars, even those not designed with collar stay pockets
  • Also great for creating a just-right placed hidden button
  • Includes 36 collar stays
  • Made in the USA

From floppy to fashionable

Your mother told you that you look more handsome when you stand up straight. That goes double for your collar!

Take a slouching collar and make it stand at attention when you fortify it with a Fashion Anchor.

Comparison between collar adrift and collar anchored
It’s like your shirt did p90x.

Tidy with a tie

Sometimes, you don’t wear a necktie. That’s a great occasion to wear a Fashion Anchor. Sometimes, you do wear a tie. That’s another great occasion to wear a Fashion Anchor. Regardless of the size of your knot, Fashion Anchor can give your outfit a completed look.

Be necktie neat.

Beyond collar stays

Of course, Fashion Anchors keep your collar propped up. But you can also call on them for other fashion fixes.

When the space between your top and second button is too long, pop on a Fashion Anchor as an invisible button so you don’t show too much chest. And if your tie is flying about wildly, tame it with an invisible, non-destructive tie tack made with a Fashion Anchor.

Stop collar flop
Anchors aweigh!

Sticks without stickiness

The tacky material of a Fashion Anchor button grabs hold of fabric to keep it looking sharp. But when you peel it away, it removes cleanly without leaving behind any sticky residue!

A truly clean look.

18 shirts

Each envelope includes thirty-six disposable Fashion Anchors. That means a single package will last you eighteen shirts. If you wore a pair every day, you could look stylish for over half a month before you needed to restock.

Includes 36 collar stays!
Stays for days.

Question: Could they hold down a table cloth in the wind?

Answer: We suppose they could in lighter breezes, but they weren’t designed for that. You might consider something like Joe’s Sticky Stuff for that situation instead.

Question: What happens if I wash my shirt with these on?

Answer: It’s not the end of the world, but for the benefit of your clothes and washing machine, we recommend removing them before a wash.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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