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Giant Stretchy Gumby

An oversized iteration of the classic claymation figure.

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Gumby, the humanoid clay figure created in the '50s, is beloved by children of all ages. Once a little green slab of clay, this giant version puts the green guy in your hands in a way like never before.

This pliable play pal is every bit as fun as the television show's incarnation, and since he is made with a similar construction to Stretch Armstrong, you'll have no fear of making sure he can go back to his original form. Oh boy!

Features & specs

  • Gumby action figure with stretchable properties
  • Pliable and resilient
  • Stretches up to 4X its normal size!
  • Natural height: 12" (30.5 cm)
  • Stretched height: up to 48" (122 cm)
  • Returns to normal form

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Giant Gumby grows gianter

Gumby, the pioneering television show protagonist, has always loomed large over children’s programming. Thanks to this oversized Giant Stretchy Gumby action figure, he can loom even larger.

Giant Gumby's natural foot-high height can be augmented to reach for the stars (as long as they're four feet away) when you pull on his latex appendages.

Play with this slab of "clay" all day.

Streeeetch it out

Giant Stretchy Gumby is an awesome homage to a childhood character, but he's also so much more. Like Stretch Armstrong, the flexibly fun figure can be bent and twisted in ways that defy ordinary anatomy.

Since he has no joints to speak of and is filled with an elastic material, feel free to stretch, smush, and twist him to your heart's content! Within a few moments, he'll resiliently return to his original form.

Stretch, smush, and twist!Stretch, smush, and twist!
He must do yoga.

Four feet of fun

Just how long can Gumby stretch? If you've got the wingspan (or a friend as helpful as Pokey), you can make him reach up to forty-eight inches when stretched. For reference, that's taller than most of his viewers when they're in his prime demographic.

Stretches up to 4 feet!
Gumby grew up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will he remain deformed when I let go?

Answer: Like all great claymation characters, Gumby does a remarkable job withstanding damage. He’ll return to his natural form when you let go.

Question: Is it made of latex? I have an allergy.

Answer: Yes, Gumby's skin is made of latex rubber, so you might want to check out some other hot retro toys.

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