Heat-sensitive Hypercolor Thinking Putty: Changes color with heat

Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor Thinking Putty

Putty that changes color with heat.

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Warm up to Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor Putty, a Thinking Putty that changes hues using just your body heat.

From Crazy Aaron, the deranged genius who brought you Magnetic, Glass, Illusions, UV and Glowing putty, comes a whole new way to play with some of the coolest stuff on earth.

Just holding the putty for a little while turns it a totally new color. Squeeze the Sunburst putty to change it from orange to yellow or knead the Twilight putty to get it to morph from purple to blue.

Don’t worry; Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor Putty still sculpts, tears, bounces, stretches, and even shatters like other Thinking Putties. So go ahead and play with it, but don’t be surprised when you’re holding a totally new color of putty in your hand.

Features & specs

  • Changes color with heat
  • Contains 3.2oz of putty
  • Stretch, tear, shatter, sculpt, and bounce it
  • Made in the USA

Warm up to a new color

At Vat19 we love our putty… our crazy, amazing, incredible, wild, mind-meltingly cool putty. So of course we would geek out over Crazy Aaron’s Heat Sensitive Hypercolor Putty. The kneadable substance changes color as you play with it.

The putty is thermochromic—which means it reacts to heat—so the warmth of your hands is the only thing you need to change the putty from purple to blue or from orange to yellow.

A handprint changes the color of the putty
Your body heat changes the color in minutes!

Change the color and the way you play

Just like most of Crazy Aaron’s putties, there is more than one way to play with this awesome stuff. You can stretch it, tear it, shatter it, twist it, bounce it, and sculpt it!

Just don’t freak out when that orange putty you were holding is now a bright yellow.

Hands tearing putty
It acts like all the other awesome putties we carry... only changeier!

Get creative with it!

Try mixing it up by changing half of the putty and recombining the two colors. Create the sun and the moon or make a psychedelic candy cane.

You can even paint using hot or cold air by using either a hair dryer or a can of compressed air.

The putty will eventually change back to its original color, but if you don’t like waiting you can throw it in the freezer to speed up the process. When it’s back to the original color, go back to trying out new ways to play with the putty that even we haven’t thought of yet.

Note: Only experiment with heat under adult supervision.

Putty sculptures of the Sun and Moon.
Try combining the colors to make awesome creations.

Two options = four colors!

Hypercolor Putty is currently available in two styles. For a fiery combo, go with Sunburst, the orange to yellow putty. Pick up Twilight for a cooler purple to blue style.

Whichever color combo you pick, your hands are sure to stay busy, and your putty will never stay the same color.

A tin of Hypercolor Sunburst putty and a tin of Hypercolor Twilight putty.
Choose between Sunburst or Twilight.

How does it compare to our other putties?

We put several of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putties through a battery of tests so you can see how they stack up against each other. Enjoy the video below!

See how some of our most popular putties compare and contrast one another.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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