Huge Tin of Gold Magnetic Putty: One pound of shimmering magnetized putty.

Huge Tin of Gold Magnetic Putty

One pound of shimmering magnetized putty.

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Stake your claim on this Huge Tin of Gold Magnetic Putty and become rich with fun activities. With over one pound of shimmering gold putty, you can mold a face, sculpt a bouncing ball, stretch a strand of it, and still have enough leftover to make and pop a putty bubble.

A Huge Tin of Gold Magnetic Putty wouldn’t be complete without a huge magnet to control and manipulate the incredible play thing. Place the big ferrite magnet near a blob and the putty will slowly devour the magnet as if it were alive! Or use the magnet to summon a strand to you like a snake charmer.

There’s a reason there was a rush for this stuff. Made in the USA and exclusive to Vat19.

Features & specs

  • Magnetic putty
  • Color: sparkling gold
  • 5 times as much putty as a standard Crazy Aaron tin!
  • Putty weight: 1 lb (453 grams)
  • Includes large ferrite magnet
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Made in the USA
  • Vat19 Exclusive!
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Notes on this video

  • Please note that the design on the tin has changed since this video was made. All other aspects of the product, however, remain unchanged.

Pound o' putty

Putty is awesome. So it only makes sense that more putty would be more awesome. Crazy Aaron's putties are already 5 times more than you'd get in one of those plastic eggs, and this Vat19 exclusive is ten times bigger than those! That's a full 16 oz (or 14.583 troy oz) of stretchable, rippable, bounceable shiny magnetic putty.

1 pound of putty!
1 lb and a ton of fun!

Big, gold, and ... a mind of its own?!

Infused with thousands of tiny magnetic particles, this giant blob of putty (given enough time) can completely envelop the included ferrite magnet. So don't be surprised if you return to find your magnet missing!

It's alive!

Marvelously magnetic

The Huge Tin of Gold Magnetic Putty is doubly attractive. Not only is it shiny and golden, but it's also literally attracted to magnetic fields. Pull a flexible appendage out of the lustrous lump and make it dance with the included giant ferrite magnet. Or set the magnet on top and watch your pound of putty greedily swallow the magnet whole.

Attractive putty with powerful magnet included!
Gives Midas touch a new meaning.

Pure putty

It may be 0 karats by weight, but this Huge Tin of Hold Magnetic Putty is a 100% polymer plaything. So unlike the real thing, this Gold Putty is actually fun to play with! Ball it up and bounce it, slowly stretch it, or rapidly rip it. Once you get your hands on Gold Magnetic Putty, you won't want to let go.

Bounce, stretch, tear
It's fun to play along with a magnet or just by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will it stick to my hands or leave anything behind?

Answer: Nope! All of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putties are residue-free!

Question: Is it made with real gold?

Answer: No, to keep Gold Magnetic Mutty both affordable and magnetic, the putty contains a different less valuable metal. But it's still shiny!

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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