InstaCake Cards: The birthday card that's also an edible cake
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InstaCake Edible Birthday Card

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The birthday card that's also an edible cake!

InstaCake Birthday Card
  • InstaCake Birthday Card
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Sometimes getting a card for your birthday can be a little underwhelming, but this card comes with its own party inside!

The InstaCake Card is a traditional birthday card that also includes instructions and the ingredients for making your very own birthday cake in just minutes!

This celebratory stationary comes fully stocked with other party supplies too! In addition to the cake and detachable card, you'll find a durable envelope for mailing, a box to hold the cake, a birthday candle, and a foldable party hat—the metaphorical cherry on top for the occasion.

Now you can finally feel pride in "just bringing a card" to the party.

Features & specs

  • A celebration card with ingredients and instructions for making a cake
  • Flavor: vanilla confetti
  • Includes: durable envelope for mailing, a baking case (microwave and air fryer safe), 1 mixing spoon, cake mix, frosting, water measurer, sprinkles, cake topper, 1 candle, 1 foldable party hat
  • Contains: wheat, eggs, dairy, soy
  • Prepared in a peanut-free facility
  • Made in Canada

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