KeySmart Pro: Organize and locate your keys.
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KeySmart Pro (with embedded tracking chip)

Key organizer with a built-in locator (so you never lose your keys again).

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KeySmart, the clever key organizer, is now even smarter. The updated design still holds up to 10 keys in a compact form, but now it can also find your keys AND your phone!

KeySmart Pro’s embedded Tile chip works as a locator so you’ll never lose your keys again. Connect it to your smart device and the free Tile app will track the location of your KeySmart Pro on a map. When you can’t find your keys in the house, use the app’s ring feature to quickly find your KeySmart Pro via sound.

The Tile technology also helps when your phone (and, consequently, all hope) seems lost. Simply press the Tile button on your KeySmart Pro and your phone will start ringing even if it’s on silent.

This sleek, pocket-sized accessory keeps your keys—and life—in order.

Features & specs

  • Key holder with embedded tracking chip
  • Connects to smart device via Bluetooth
  • Use Tile app to locate KeySmart Pro and make it ring
  • Use Tile button on KeySmart Pro to make smartphone ring
  • Built-in LED light
  • Fits up to 10 keys
  • Includes 2 screws, bottle opener, 12 spacers, and micro-USB cable
  • Bottle opener has loop ring for key fobs
  • Free Tile app available for iOS and Android
  • Holds a charge for 2+ months under typical usage
  • Approx. dimensions (w/o keys): 3.75” x 0.75” x 0.5” (9.53 cm x 1.92 cm x 1.27 cm)
  • Material: plastic with stainless steel hardware

Notes on this video

  • Note: The KeySmart Pro is currently only available in black.

Get smart

Keeping your keys organized is helpful… as long as you can find them!

KeySmart Pro’s Tile chip pairs with the free app for your smart device to track the location of your keys. The app’s map will show you the general area where you left your keys and then make your KeySmart Pro ring so you can find its exact location within the general area.

It saves you from freaking out if you dropped them during your day and also makes sure you’re not scrambling around looking for keys misplaced around the house.

Make the last place you looked, the first place you looked.

Find my phone

In today’s world, losing your phone feels tantamount to being lost at sea. How else will you connect with loved ones in case of emergency or post Instagram overhead cappuccino photos?

Not only can you use your phone to find your KeySmart Pro, you can use your KeySmart Pro to find your phone! Press the Tile button on your KeySmart Pro to ring your phone. Following the sound is much faster than turning over couch cushions and going through jeans pockets, allowing you to get out the door sooner.

Never lose your keys or phone!Never lose your keys or phone!
Finds your keys, phone, and sanity.


KeySmart Pro is an organizational dream. Not only does it find your keys and smartphone, it turns the jangly jumble on your keyring into a sleek shape.

The KeySmart’s Swiss Army type design keeps your keys folded into a compact form that makes it easy to access individual keys. The slim design holds up to 10 keys while fitting unobtrusively into your pocket or small purse. It also includes a hook for your key fob.

KeySmart Pro holds 10 keys
Expands to the size you need.

Little light

The last thing you want at the end of a long day is to spend extra time fumbling with a lock in the dark. The KeySmart Pro has a built-in LED to shine light on your entrance. The small light can also come through in a pinch when you drop something on a dark sidewalk or need to go searching in your purse.

Key organizer with LED flashlight
Find your door in the dark.

Bottle opener (of course)

The KeySmart Pro is designed for everyday carry, so you might as well get some more use out of it! The organizer includes a removable bottle opener to make sure you’re prepared to crack open a cold one when needed. Just keep in mind that it won’t help you find your beer (but we don’t think you need help with that).

Key organizer with bottle opener
Alert the authorities: you’ve been lifehacked.

Super charged

The KeySmart Pro’s convenient micro USB charger keeps you ready at all times. The device needs only two hours to fully charge (which you’ll know by the battery indicator light) and holds that juice for three months. You can travel without your charger and still rest assured that you’ll be able to find your phone and keys when needed. And if you do happen to run out of juice, it’ll still organize your keys and open your bottles just the same.

USB charged key finder
Charge it and forget it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it hard to add keys?

Answer: The KeySmart Pro is designed to be easy to add keys. Unscrew the two thumb screws, lay your key flat, and screw the top back on. You can use the included 12 spacers as needed to even out your stacks.

Question: How does it compare to the original KeySmart?

Answer: The KeySmart Pro is slightly thicker than the original and is made of plastic instead of aluminum. In addition to the Tile tracking features, the KeySmart Pro has an added LED flashlight.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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