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Mini Tape Gun

Dispenses a standard roll of clear tape.

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The Mini Tape Gun looks and performs exactly like its normal-sized counterpart. However, the Mini Tape Gun is designed for your average clear household tape. With the Mini Tape Gun, you can dispense and cut tape with one hand which makes wrapping presents a breeze. It's also a ton of fun to use and frankly, it just looks cool.

One roll of clear, 3/4" wide tape is included. Available in multiple colors.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 4.75" tall x 3" wide x 1" deep
  • 1 roll of tape included (3/4" clear tape)
  • Serrated cutting blade
  • Tensioner

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Alleviates the pain of SSES

The Mini Tape Gun is instrumental in alleviating the pain and jealousy of those who suffer from Severe Shipping Envy Syndrome, or SSES.

Symptons of this condition include attaching Bills of Lading to interoffice envelopes, spending inordinate amounts of time watching forklift drivers, and wishing you had a tape gun on your desk. Amazingly, the Mini Tape Gun completely cures that last (and most gut-wrenching) symptom of our made-up disease.

Position, dispense, and cut tape with one hand

The Mini Tape Gun makes it easy to position, dispense, and cut tape with just one hand. This makes wrapping presents very easy. It also makes wrapping presents a lot more fun!

The Mini Tape Gun makes wrapping presents a breeze
The Mini Tape Gun makes wrapping presents fun and quick.

Just like a regular tape gun, but smaller (and thus cuter)

The Mini Tape Gun may be smaller than a regular packing tape gun, but it's still full-featured. It includes a serrated cutting blade, tensioner, and even a standard roll of 3/4" wide clear tape.

And as we all know, the smaller something is, the cuter it is. (Note: This does not apply to the size of your order. Bigger is always better in that regard.)

The Mini Tape Gun dispenser
The Mini Tape Gun works just like a packing tape gun. It's simply smaller.

Available in multiple fun colors

The Mini Tape Gun is available in a variety of colors.

Mini Tape Gun is available in multiple colors
Choose your favorite color or get them all (much preferred).

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