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MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool

An 18-in-1 multi-tool the size of a key.


MyKee is a cleverly compact multipurpose tool that makes too much sense not to carry.

Its small key shape belies its usefulness; it can open a bottle, turn a screw, peel a carrot, and complete over a dozen other tasks while fitting conveniently on your keychain.

Made from Grade 5 titanium with an unparallelled strength/weight ratio, MyKey’s ultra-tough construction and curated toolset offer the brawn you need without any of the excess baggage.

The awesome accessory features a bottle opener, a hex wrench set, a semi-sharp blade, and a claw. MyKee is sharp enough to open your box, soft enough to keep safely in your pocket, and durable enough to withstand the many jobs you’ll put it through.

Features & specs

  • Material: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Dimensions: 2.2” x 0.93” x 0.100” (thick)
  • Weight: 0.185 oz.
  • Metric Hex Wrench Set: 10mm, 8mm, 6.3mm, 6mm, 4mm
  • Bottle opener
  • Semi-sharp blade
  • Claw
  • Functions: letter opener, cuticle pusher, pill splitter, lottery scratcher, seal opener, carrot peeler, tag popper, flathead screwdriver, box opener, cannister lid popper, can tab opener, staple remover, bottle opener, 4mm hex bit screw grabber, 4/6/8/10mm hex wrenches
  • Made in the USA

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The key to preparation

MyKee is a versatile solution to the mini emergencies that populate everyday life.

While a knife might be better for opening a box, it certainly can’t crack open a bottle afterwards; while a wrench might be better for tightening a bolt, it can’t turn the screw on your other project. And you can't take a knife and wrench with you everywhere you go. MyKee is an easy substitute for carrying around a load of tools in your pocket, which would be incredibly cumbersome (and a nightmare at airport security).

Carry convenience in your pocket.

Universal usage

Whether you need to turn, tighten, pry, or peel, MyKee has your back. This two-inch tool is packed full of 18 functions to get you through your day. Keep it in your pocket to remove staples at the office, use it at home to tighten an outlet cover, and carry it on your camping trip to peel a potato for dinner. 

Keep it on you at all times, and you’ll be surprised how often you need to use its wide array of purposes.

18 function multi-tool
Make it part of your everyday carry for any day use.

Sharp-looking but dull

Carrying an unsheathed box cutter in your pocket sounds like a horrible idea. Luckily, MyKee’s semi-sharp blade is soft to the touch but still has enough edge to cut through packing tape.

You can safely keep it in your pocket without worrying about it tearing up your clothes or skin. This blade is only a danger to letters, pouches, and anything else that needs opening.

Safe for fingers and pockets
Knife fighting is not one of its functions.

Hex bit compatible

If MyKee doesn’t quite have the right tool for the job, don’t worry—it’s is also compatible with hex bits! Use a 6mm hex drive bit to complete your task even if your drill isn’t handy. This additional function is another reason why MyKee is a true multi-use multi-tool.

MyKee works with hex bits
Infinite is a large number.

Lightweight convenience

The easiest part of having a tool shaped like a key is that you know exactly where to store it. MyKee fits easily on your keyring or handy key organizer for easy carry. You won’t have to remember to pack your multitool when you leave the house—just grab your keys and be on your way. 

This tool is made from grade five titanium that combines durability with an incredibly lightweight design. It’s so light you’ll forget it’s even on you (until you need it, that is).

Ultralight, ultra strong Titanium
It’s the featherweight boxer of multi-tools.

Designed for doing

MyKee attains its remarkable versatility by cleverly leveraging four basic tools: a bottle opener, semi-sharp blade, claw, and hex wrench. These are integrated into a simple design that makes MyKee the ultimate in streamlined practicality. 

Other keys in your collection may be more important, but none will do as many tasks.

Nine function blade
But does it have a bottle opener? Of course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will it fit on my KeySmart or Key Ninja?

Answer: Yes! MyKee is the size of an ordinary house key so it will fit organization devices that require those measurements.

Question: Can it be used as a key?

Answer: No, the configuration of the tools on MyKee preclude it from ever being used as a key.

Question: How sharp is the blade?

Answer: Sharp enough to cut tape but not break skin.

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