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Pivot Power Surge Protector

Flexible six-outlet power strip with surge protection.

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The Pivot Power Surge Protector is an amazing flexible power strip with an ingenious design that allows all six outlets to accommodate even the bulkiest of power adapters.

You can independently rotate each of the six hinged outlets to ensure adequate spacing between each device. You can also use the Pivot Power's flexibility to bend it around furniture legs and save space.

Features a six foot long cord and a flat plug for stashing it snugly behind furniture. Available in both white and black.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 17.25" x 2.25" x 1.75" (when straight)
  • 6 foot cord (1.8 meters)
  • Pivots around furniture
  • 672 joules of surge protection
  • ETL listed

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Plug in all of those bulky power adapters!

The Pivot Power Surge Protector is a unique power strip designed to accommodate up to six of the bulkiest power adapters you've got.

Its hinged design flexes to create the necessary space between all of your plugs. Brilliant!

The Pivot Power Surge Protector allows you to plug in large connectors to every outlet.
Bend the Pivot Power into whatever shape you need to handle your plugs.

Super-flexible surge protection

Each of the six outlets in the Pivot Power can be independently rotated to create maximum space between each adapter plug or brick. You'll never have wasted space on your power strip again.

The Pivot Power Surge Protector is ETL listed.

No skimping on cord length!

The Pivot Power features a six foot long cord. While that may not seem like a feature worthy of a photograph and a stunning paragraph of text, you'll certainly be thanking us when you realize that the feng shui of your new office has placed your desk obscenely far from the only outlet on the wall.

Simply put, a long cord = good.

The Pivot Power Surge Protector features a generous six foot long cord.
The Pivot Power Surge Protector features a six foot long cord.

Flat plug fits snugly behind furniture

The Pivot Power's plug only extends about 3/4" from the wall, allowing you to press tables, desks, and your collection of 80s arcade games nearly flush with the wall.

The Pivot Power Plug is designed to rest flat against the wall without covering any other outlets.
The Pivot Power's cord allows furniture to be pressed as closely as possible to the wall.

Choose from two colors

The Pivot Power Surge Protector is available in white and black.

The Pivot Power Surge Protector is available in white and black.
Pivot Power Surge Protectors are available in both white and black.

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