Pongo: Play Ping-Pong on nearly any table.
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Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set

Play Ping-Pong on nearly any table with this portable set.

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Ping Pong (officially known as Table Tennis) is super fun. However, owning a special table for one game is expensive and cumbersome. Enter Pongo! This ultra-compact and portable set turns any tabletop into a table tennis court.

Setup is simple with the 65-inch-wide wind-up net - just place the support posts on either side of your table and the net automatically unwinds. The weighted bases and winding mechanism guarantee that the net remains taut.

The exceptionally compact Pongo features paddles with retractable handles and support pillars which store the wind-up net as well as several balls.

The Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set includes the wind-up net, two Ping Pong balls, two racquets, and a mesh drawstring storage bag.

Features & specs

  • Wind-up net stretches up to 65 inches (5.5 feet)
  • Non-slip, non-skid bottoms allows use on any table surface
  • Two paddles with retractable handles
  • Two ping pong balls
  • Drawstring mesh storage bag
  • Extremely compact storage (7.5" x 6" footprint)

Turn any table into your table tennis battleground

The Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set transforms virtually any tabletop into an impromptu table tennis court. Simply spread the net across the table and you're ready to go!

The weighted posts keep the net stretched tight on tables up to 65 inches wide.

Play Ping Pong anywhere with the Pongo Portable Table Tennis game.
Play table tennis nearly anywhere with Pongo.

Convert a table into a Ping Pong court in 10 seconds

Setting up Pongo is so easy that even one of those insufferable women from the "Real Housewives" franchise could do it.

Simply pull apart the two posts to unwind the net to the desired width. Bam! You're now ready for some serious ponging.

The winding mechanism ensures that the net remains taut throughout your entire battle.

Pongo's weighted posts ensure the net is always taut.
The winding mechanism and weighted posts ensure the net is always tight.

Net stretches over five feet wide

A standard table tennis court is five feet wide. Pongo's net stretches up to 65 inches so you can play on most any table.

The Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set features a net that stretches up to 66 inches.
Pongo's net stretches over five feet wide.

Winding mechanism = easy setup and tear-down

Pongo's net is integrated into its support posts. This makes storage, setup, and put-away wonderfully easy.

To unwind the net, just pull the two posts apart. When you've finished dominating your opponent, twist the knob on the top of the support post to wrap up the net. The net will wind itself up inside the support post.

To tighten or wind the net, simply twist the knob in the top of the post.
Twist the dial on the top of the support post to wrap up the net.

Ultra-compact storage

The entirety of the Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set can fit into an area 7.5" x 6". To conserve as much space as possible, the paddles feature retractable handles and up to three balls can be stored inside the second support post. Toss all of this inside the included mesh storage bag and you've got the most compact portable table tennis set we've ever seen.

The Pongo Portable Ping Pong Set stores extremely compactly.
The Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set is amazingly compact.

Safe for all surfaces

Pongo's support posts feature non-skid bottoms which prevent the marking or scuffing of delicate tabletop surfaces.

Use Pongo on any table surface as its post feature non-skid bottoms.
Play on virtually any surface thanks to Pongo's non-skid support posts.

Everything you need for 1-on-1 battle royales!

Pongo includes just about everything you need for portable table tennis: a compact and easy-to-use net, two paddles (aka racquets in the TT world), two balls, and a mesh drawstring storage bag.

Contents of the Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Pongo really as portable as you say?

Answer: It sure is! We took Pongo to a park in St. Louis, MO and set up a mini tournament with passerbys. It was a ton of fun and of course... we filmed it!

Vat19 WimblePong: Ping Pong on the Streets

Question: Are the balls and paddles of regulation size?

Answer: Yes. The balls are like any other Ping Pong balls. Due to their retractable handles, the included paddles are hollow. This produces a different type of sound when striking the ball as compared to a standard wooden paddle.

Question: Is the net tough enough to stand up to my absurdly powerful strokes?

Answer: Absolutely! It's very sturdy and will last a lifetime.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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