Puppy Tales: Discover what Puppies Really Think!
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Ambient Puppies DVD: Puppy Tales

Puppies at their funniest.

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Puppies are fun to watch, that's for sure. But do you ever wonder what they're really thinking as they run, jump, play, tumble, and cuddle? Now you can find out with Ambient Puppies: Puppy Tales.

Ambient Puppies puts 13 classic dog breeds in the spotlight as they each star in their own comical skit. To bring on even more laughs, the acclaimed comedy troupe The Ironicals provide the thoughts and voices of the pups as they embark on their adventures.

You'll be laughing and "aww"-ing as you watch and enjoy the adorable dogs in Ambient Puppies: Puppy Tales.

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Features & specs

  • 13 classic dog breeds
  • 13 hilarious skits
  • "For Dogs" looping mode
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Discover What Puppies Really Think!

Puppy Tales features thirteen classic breeds in thirteen different skits that play off each breed's unique personality.

Puppy Tales takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey into the minds of these precocious puppies.

Absolutely Hilarious!

The Ironicals, an acclaimed comedy improv troupe, provide the thoughts and voices of the puppies in each skit.

It is this combination of comical wit and adorable puppy footage that you will enjoy watching with friends and family...and your dog!

All your favorite breeds

Boston Terriers starring in "BoSox Detox"

These over-the-top Boston Red Sox fans have been sent to rehab to quell their ferocious gambling habit.

"I'll just park myself right here."
"I double-dare you to kiss this face."


Cocker Spaniels starring in "Sleepover"

They're not hyper...they're just 13.

"I think we should give each other pet-icures."
"I brought lip gloss!"


Collies starring in "The Next Lassie"

Leonard thinks he's Lassie. His family would rather watch NASCAR.

"Only my talent outshines my good looks."
"Look at my belly!"


Dachshunds starring in "Pumping Rawhide"

Hans and Heidel are vying for the title of Germany's Strongest Dog.

"Heidel, did you put enough creatine
in the water?"
"I can bench over 500 kilos."


Dogs de Bordeaux starring in "Bird Patrol"

This group of French soldiers are in search of elusive, ground-burrowing birds.

"Get back here! We were taking a picture!"
"The trick is to play dead."


Great Pyrenees starring in "Intergalactic Costume Contest"

Apparently, everyone has shown up dressed as a Star Wars Storm Trooper.

"Oh no! We wore the same costume."
"The guy at the costume shop said I was the only one with a
Storm Trooper costume."


Labradors & Golden Retrievers starring in "P.U.P.S."

Sgt. Jablonski from Chicago is on patrol with a tight-knit rural squad.

"Hey, let me see some I.D."
"We've got a big rabbit problem in Stuckleberry."


Old English Sheepdogs starring in "The Quest"

A group of old-timer English knights seem to be perpetually lost.

"I think I found the road."


Pomeranians starring in "First Steps"

These spoiled babies are reluctant to follow their mother.

"That cocoa puts me right to sleep.""Is it safe?"
"Except for the eagles, but don't worry, they prefer rabbits."


French Poodles starring in "The Olympic Poodle Team"

These French All-Stars are training for zee Olympics.

"Do you like my ric-a-rac bow?""Help! Get it out of my mouth. Zee stick - it eez winning!"


Shih Tzus starring in "Who's a Pretty Puppy?"

Things get heated when these top models duke it out
for the cover of "Fancy Prance".

"Do you think I look good?""Yeah...you look okay."


Weimaraners starring in "We Come in Peace"

These aliens have come to enslave Earth...
if only they hadn't inhabited dogs' bodies.

"Are the keys to the spaceship here?""Cecil, put the spaceship down."


Yorkshire Terriers starring in "The Big Grass Score"

These confused hippies are in search of grass.

"The guy at the gas station said there'd be enough grass to roll around in."

Bonus Feature: "For Dogs" Mode

With one click of your remote control, Puppy Tales will endlessly loop all of the footage on the DVD so that your dogs will have friends to watch while you're away.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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