Rubber Chicken Prank: Play chicken sounds on a loop to drive your friends crazy!

Rubber Chicken Prank

A hideable noisemaker that plays rubber chicken sounds on a loop to drive your friends crazy!

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Whether you've got friends or you've got enemies, the Rubber Chicken Prank is the ultimate poultry put-on for you to tell them how you really feel.

This postcard has a speaker inside that squawks and squeaks like a rubber chicken continuously for over eight hours!

One side of this prank noise maker is covered in peel-and-stick adhesive to make it easy to hide in an unexpected area while the opposite side gives you space to scrawl a message in chicken scratch.

This hen's hilarious hijinks will have the victim running around like a chicken with its head cut off as they try to find it and stop the farm fowl's foul honks!

When they finally find the source of the robo-rooster's racket, they'll find there's no way to turn it off until the battery runs out. Inevitably, they'll get so frustrated that they tear the thing open—only to be showered with a glitter bomb! Double prank!

Features & specs

  • An easy-to-hide and disposable speaker that plays rubber chicken noises to annoy your favorite people
  • The chicken won't stop chirping until the battery dies (8+ hours)
  • Six distinct squawks
  • Destroying the card unleashes a glitter bomb
  • Prepare your prank with a safe mode for quiet signing & delivery, activated by pulling the tab
  • Comes in a protective plastic sleeve with a paper pouch
  • The front side includes: To, From, and Message areas along with a button press area
  • The reverse side includes a self-adhesive patch for sneaky hiding
  • Dimensions of card: 5.5" x 4.1" x 0.18" (14 cm x 10.4 cm x 0.48 cm)

A poultry prank

Real chickens cluck. And rubber chickens let out a blood-curdling scream. But the Rubber Chicken Prank amplifies your pranking antics by letting out a whole symphony of those blood-curdling screams that end only at the end of a full-time work day.

This all-in-one gaslighting gag combines a speaker, a battery, and a series of recordings of some of the most annoying rubber chicken cries of all time into a single, slim envelope. Tuck the card somewhere hard to find or hard to reach, turn it on, and watch as your friend tears their hair out trying to find the source of the screams for up to eight hours.

If your prankee does manage to find the covert cockerel, they've just found themselves in a new predicament: let the noisemaker be or tear it apart and shower themselves with glitter!

Did somebody hide a chicken in the walls?

Sticky secret

The Rubber Chicken Prank is super-simple to use and super-sneaky thanks to the adhesive area on the card. Simply peel off the wax paper backing and stick the card under a chair, behind a picture on the wall, or somewhere even more cruelly concealed for maximum mischief. A simple press will keep the card in place for the duration of the whole hen hunt, so you can commit your reverse-heist in record time with record ease and place it in the least expected hiding spot with the least amount of suspicion against you.

Arrows indicate the sticky area of the card
Where the cluck is that noise?

A bird bomb

Finding the source of the chicken screams is just the first part of the Rubber Chicken Prank.

Once discovered, your prankee will experience the full volume of the chicken screams as they attempt to turn it off. But since there's no "off" button, they'll eventually resort to ripping the card in half. Little do they know, the final surprise awaits inside: tear it open, and this fabulously foul fowl will shower the destroyer with a sparkly glitter-bomb!

Yep, it
Let 'er rip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you turn it off?

Answer: You don't! Once activated, the only way to end the Rubber Chicken Prank's screams is either to wait for the battery to die or to destroy it, which would shower you with glitter.

Question: How messy is the glitter?

Answer: There isn't an SI base unit for messiness, but considering it's glitter that gets scattered only when substantial force is applied to tearing the Rubber Chicken Prank, the general description of the mess would fall somewhere between "pretty" and "extremely".

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