Sitpack: World's most compact foldable seat.


World's most compact foldable seat.

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When you take your Sitpack with you, you've got the closest seat in the house anywhere you go.

The telescoping portable chair offers a way to rest your aching knees and weary feet without lugging around a hefty aluminum frame. The seat collapses to a compact cylinder you can store in a purse or daypack.

When you want to use the pocket-sized seat, fold open the capsule to form a place for your bottom and extend the telescoping leg to form a place to rest. Take Sitpack with you for outdoor excursions, concerts, long waits in line, and anywhere else you go!

Features & specs

  • Compact portable seat
  • Compacted dimensions: 6.6" long x 2.6" diameter (16.8 cm x 6.6 cm)
  • Seat height adjustable from 34.25" to 25.6" (87 cm to 65 cm)
  • Material: Polycarbonate thermoplastic
  • Optional neoprene cover & nylon carrying strap available

The best seat in the house

Imagine you're in line to get the best spot in the theater for the new Star Wars/Marvel/Harry Potter crossover movie. The wait isn't measured by people or distance but in hours.

Or what if you go to the biggest music festival of the summer and the 10,000-person concert has exactly five chairs on the muddy grounds? Your legs need a break, your feet are killing you, and you need a rest.

If your dogs are barkin', pet those puppies and park your keister on Sitpack, a portable seat you can conveniently take with you anywhere. Unfolding from a half-foot long cylinder, the monopod chair gives you the relief you need, wherever you are.

Carry your comfort.

Capsule chair

Like a more practical transformer, the pill-shaped Sitpack turns into a full-on chair with a few adjustments.

Open the shell (which becomes the seat), extend the telescoping monopod, turn the locking ring up top to set it, and get your lean on.

Hands opening the SitpackHands extending the Sitpack's telescoping base.Hands locking the Sitpack's base by twisting it.Open, extend, lock, and relax!
More than meets the eye.

Super seat

Not only is the Sitpack super-compact and super-portable but it also has a few nifty tricks up its shell.

The telescoping monopod locks and unlocks with a twist for a quick and easy transformation. The monopod is tipped with a non-skid rubber foot to prevent it from slipping out from under you. And despite its truly tiny footprint, the Sitpack is capable of supporting a full-grown adult up to 220 lbs.

Hand holding the SitPack completely compacted.Hands showing off the durable twist locks of the Sitpack.Portable design; durable twist locks; Non-skid rubber foot; Supports 220 lbs.
That's a champion chair.

How high

Different people are different heights, and Sitpack can accommodate them all. The telescoping monopod is adjustable from 25.6" up to 34.25", because there’s no height requirement on comfort.

Adjustable height!
Sit high or low.

Sling for your stool

The compact Sitpack becomes even easier to carry when you pair it with the optional carrying case.

The neoprene cover’s button snaps secure your seat, and the over-the-shoulder strap makes it convenient when you’re on the move. The cover also doubles as a cushion for the seat when you're ready to use it for sitting.

Woman displaying the Sitpack's shoulder strap.Optional carrying case with convenient shoulder strap
Carry your Sitpack with an optional sling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Won't I stand out and look weird if I use this?

Answer: You won't look weird so much as look comfortable. Besides, if you're in line for hours, wouldn't you rather stand out than stand up the whole time?

Question: What if the ground is uneven or soft?

Answer: The rubber foot on the monopod is appropriate for plenty of different surfaces, but obviously, anything is going to sink into a swamp or quicksand. As with placing any chair, you'll have to use common sense when deciding where to sit.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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