Skooob: Tangle-free earphone covers!


Tangle-free earphone covers!

This item has been discontinued.

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You shouldn’t need a Boy Scout to unknot your earbuds after they’ve been in your purse. Skooob is a plastic cover for your earphone cords that prevents tangles while giving your music accessory a distinctive look.

Skooob’s spiral shape wraps around your cord and remains in place to protect the thin wires as you carry them throughout your day. Shove your Skooob-covered earphones in your pocket, and later, when you need to take a business call or listen to an extremely important video of a panda laughing, you won’t want to have to wrestle with your cords first.

It’s an easy and stylish solution that you’ll quickly find you can’t live without.

Features & specs

  • Cord covering that prevents tangles
  • Use for earbuds, charging cords, and more!
  • Material: plastic
  • Length: 6.5’ (78”)

Don't get it twisted

With Skooob, you'll never have to deal with a mangled mess of headphone wires again. The plastic covering is thick enough to ensure your thin earbud cords don’t get tangled in your pocket but thin enough to still provide a sleek, stylish look as you listen to your music.

With Skooob, just wrap the protective coil around your headphone wires, trim to size, and shove them in your pocket for extreme gratification later as you remove and unravel your headphones with ease.

Skooob uncoils smoothly... the other not so much.

Fully covered

Skooob is for more than just earbuds; it’s a lifesaver for charging cables and any other tangle-prone cord! Each set contains a generous 78 inches of coverage (AKA one full Skooob), which should be plenty of protection for every inch of your favorite audio accessories.

Earbuds next to a charging cable
Cord organization that goes all the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it difficult to attach to my earbud cords?

Answer: It's as simple as coiling Skoob around your cords, trimming to size, and you're good to go!

Question: Will I look as cool as people who don't have cords on their earphones?

Answer: Possibly even cooler.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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