Spindoodle: A fast-paced game where you draw on a rotating plate.


A fast-paced game where you draw on a rotating plate.

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Take your artistic abilities out for a spin and try the revolutionary family game Spindoodle. Like Pictionary, this team-based doodle game gives you a clue that you have to draw out, but Spindoodle cranks up the challenge: your artist's canvas is spinning!

Gather the family around, divide up into two teams, and game on! Draw a card, roll the die to pick a category, and select the drawing pad's revolution speed. If your team can guess your clue in time, you get the number of points that match the speed of the rotating whiteboard. The first team to win twenty points wins the game… and a hearty round (and around and around) of applause.

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Features & specs

  • A drawing-and-guessing game with a spinning white board
  • Includes: 1 spinning white board with 4 increasingly difficult speeds, 100 double-sided clue cards with five categories, 1 dry erase marker and eraser, 1 30-second timer, 1 game die, and 1 score card
  • Board drawing surface is erasable
  • Drawing disc has four speeds: Slow, Medium, Fast, and It's Impossible
  • Clue categories: It’s Alive, It’s a Thing, It’s a Place to Go, It’s a Thing to Do, and It’s Impossible
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Team-based play
  • For 4 or more players
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

Spin and sketch

Spindoodle is a picture-sketching party game that makes drawing more difficult since the canvas moves as you make your mark.

Your round whiteboard has a built-in motor, causing it to spin at a set speed. Drawing a card and rolling the die (to select a category) will randomly give you an object to draw. While you use the dry-erase marker to illustrate your idea, your team will be shouting out possible answers as the dry-erase board revolves.

Doodle fast, 'cause time is not the only thing running away from you; so is the rest of your drawing!

Draw on the whiteboard while it spins!

Pick up the picture pace

If the concept didn't seem hard enough already, you can amp up the challenge by increasing the revolution speed of the drawing surface.

A switch on the side of Spindoodle's drawing disc allows you to select four speeds of play: Slow, Medium, Fast, and It's Impossible. We're not here to tell you what your limitations as a doodler or as an achiever are, but suffice it to say, the speeds are aptly named.

4 speeds from slow to impossible
Crank up the speed for a challenge!

Silly sketches not included

Open the box for a night of fun with Spindoodle. The kit contains a rotating drawing surface with 4 adjustable speeds, 100 double-sided clue cards with five categories (for a total of 1,000 clues), a dry-erase marker with an attached eraser, a 30-second sand timer, a custom die to select your category, and a reusable scorecard.

The game elements
Take 'er for a spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the drawing surface paper?

Answer: The Spindoodle uses a plastic drawing surface that acts as an erasable whiteboard.

Question: What are the clue categories?

Answer: The categories are: It’s Alive (living things), It’s a Thing (objects), It’s a Place, It’s Something You Do (actions), and It’s Impossible (usually abstract concepts).

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