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Spot It!

The fast-paced, hair-pulling matching game for 2-8 players.

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Spot It! is the awesome fast-paced matching party game. The concept is simple: each of the 55 cards in the deck feature eight symbols, and there is always exactly one matching symbol between any two cards in the deck. Your goal is to be the quickest to find the match between two cards.

It sounds easy, but it can be incredibly frustrating when you can't find the match that you know exists! Couple this with the fact that you are racing feverishly against your opponents, and you've got the perfect recipe for good-natured yelling, taunting, screaming, bawling, and caterwauling.

Spot It! is packaged in a storage tin which houses the symbol cards as well as instructions for five different games. Designed for 2-8 players. Ages 7+.

Features & specs

  • 2-8 players
  • Ages 7+
  • Five ways to play
  • 55 illustrated cards
  • Includes storage tin

Watch our Spot It! video

How quickly can you spot the matching symbols?

Spot It is a game that is easy in theory but hair-pullingly frustrating in practice.

Every card features 8 symbols, and there is always exactly one matching symbol between any two cards in the deck. Your task is to identify (and call out) the match as swiftly as possible.

Try it out yourself! See how fast you can find the matching symbols in the picture below. Click the image to reveal the answer.

Click to return to original image.Spot It is a fun and fast-paced matching game.
Your goal is to call out the matching symbol before your opponents. How fast are you?

You must possess a sharp eye and quick reflexes

We love Spot It! because it's insanely fun. Trust us. We've never steered you wrong in the past.

The game is all about speed — how fast can you spot the match? Because you're racing against your opponents, the pressure is intensified. As they rattle off a few matches before you've found one, you tense up. You're losing, bro!

Mercifully, you finally spot a match. Now, can you blurt out its name quickly enough or will you succumb to the stress and blurt out some sort of half-German-half-Middle-English guttural grunt as your opponent swoops in and identifies it? Ahh, yes, now the fun begins!

The Spot It! Party Game requires 2-8 players.
The fast-paced action of Spot It! is the perfect party game for 2-8 people.

Variety of gameplay keeps the fun going

Spot It! includes instructions for five different games. The general concept is always the same (match the symbols between cards), but the objectives can change.

In "The Tower", your objective is to collect as many cards as possible. Each player starts with one card each and the remainder are put into the center pile. When play begins, you must match your card to the card on the top of the center pile. On a successful match (meaning you called out the symbol before anyone else), you grab the card from the center pile. This becomes your new matching card and a new center card is revealed. Continue until the draw pile is exhausted.

In "The Poisoned Gift", you try to find a match between the center card and any of your opponents' cards. Your goal is to have as few cards at the end as possible by piling them up on your opponents. Pro tip: Convincing others to help you gang up on your mother-in-law can be quite satisfying.

The remaining games include "The Well", "Triplet", and "Hot Potato". Instructions for each game are written on five cards included inside the storage tin.

There are five different ways to play Spot It!
Spot It! includes instructions for five different games that can be played with the cards.

Small, portable fun

Spot It! consists of a 55 discs (3.25" in diameter) that can be stored inside the included tin. It can easily fit into a pocket should you need to take the fun on the road.

Spot It features 55 illustrated cards and a storage tin.
Spot It! comes packaged in a small tin for on-the-go gaming.

New! Major League Baseball edition!

Spot It! now features a version officially licensed by Major League Baseball (MLB). It features team logos and other baseball imagery. Click the image below to reveal the match.

Click to return to original image.Spot It MLB features logos and images from Major League Baseball.
Spot It! MLB Edition. How quickly can you spot the match?

Try a few more for fun!

See how fast you can spot the matching symbols and blurt out their names. Don't worry, Spot It! comes with a legend if you're not sure what to call some of the symbols.

Simply click on the image to reveal the match.

Click to return to original image. Spot It sample #1.
Click to return to original image. Spot It sample #2.
Click to return to original image. Spot It sample #3.

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