Wobble LCD Clock with Batteries

Wobble LCD Clock with Battery

This clock can take a lickin'.

This item has been discontinued.
This item has been discontinued.
This item has been discontinued.

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This LCD clock is the timepiece equivalent of a bop bag. If you don't remember, a Bop Bag is a kid's punching bag toy that has a weighted bottom so that no matter how hard you hit it, it always returns to an upright position.

Being a desk-sized clock, you don't really punch the Wobble LCD Clock. But, you can flick it with your finger. The transparent LCD screen is a stylish touch. Battery is included.

Features & specs

  • Battery included
  • 12 hour clock
  • Month and date function
  • 2.75" tall x 2" wide x 1.75" deep

A little wobble is second nature to all who inhabit earth

What? Don't worry, we'll explain. But first, a warning: The following explanation contains history and science and a little whining.

BEGIN off-topic explanation of Earth's Wobble

The Earth's axis of rotation has a small wobble in it. Think of it as how a top may wobble as it spins. This wobble, known as the Chandler Wobble (named after the scientist who discovered it), is one of the mysteries of the planet that is really only mysterious to NASA scientists. To the rest of us, it's kind of like, "eh, ooo-kay". Until 1891, no one even knew it existed. But, then our tax dollars went to work for a NASA scientist to figure out what causes this tiny wobble. Turns out, it's caused by the ocean. Oh, the relief! Oh, and then, in 2006, a bunch of people freaked out because the wobble stopped! How do they know this? Because it's someone's job to monitor the wobble. Excellent use of tax dollars.

END off-topic explanation of Earth's Wobble

Wobble LCD Clock looks great in any decor
Your Wobble LCD clock comes with a battery.

Choose from several colors

The Wobble LCD clock is approximately 2.75 inches tall and has a transparent LCD face. The base of each Wobble LCD clock comes in several different colors: gray, red, and white.

Wobble LCD Clock is available in several styles.
From left to right: Gray, Red, and White Wobble LCD Clocks.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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