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Carpet Bocce Set

Bring the classic ball sport indoors with this miniature set.

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Don't let bad weather stop you from enjoying a bit of bocce! The outdoor bowling game that owes its beginnings to the Roman Empire can now be played indoors.

The Carpet Bocce Set is a miniature version designed to be played on indoor surfaces.

The set includes six metal boules (marked with two separate patterns), a wooden target jack, and a measuring gauge all packaged in a small metal canister.

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Features & specs

  • 6 metal boules (marked with 2 patterns)
  • Dimensions (boules): 1.25" diameter
  • 1 x jack (target)
  • Distance gauge
  • 2 players
  • Ages 3+

Watch our Carpet Bocce Set video

Bring your love of bocce indoors!

Bocce is an awesome game. People of nearly any age can play it, the equipment demands are low (just a handful of bocce balls and a target), and it can be played on nearly any flat surface. Oh, and you can play it while holding a drink. Score!

The only problem, however, is that bocce must be played outdoors. Until now! With the Carpet Bocce Set, you can now enjoy the addictive outdoor bowling game indoors.

Two men playing miniature bocce set indoors.
Bring the classic outdoor bowling game indoors with Carpet Bocce!

Simple rules and super fun to play

Carpet Bocce follows the same rules of its larger cousin. To win, simply roll your boules closer to the jack (aka target) than your opponent's.

Of course, gameplay can become quite interesting when you use your roll to knock your opponent's boule further from the target or to knock the jack closer to your other boules.

Overhead view of a winning bocce game throw.
Roll your boule closest to the jack to earn points!

Everything you need fits into a small metal canister

Carpet Bocce fits into a small metal canister that is less than eight inches tall. It holds six metal boules (three balls each of two different patterns) as well as the jack (target) and a measuring tool.

What's included in your Carpet Bocce set.
Carpet Bocce includes everything you need to jumpstart your next game of carpet bowling.

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