Pencil Eraser Hats (set of 4)

Set of four erasers designed after popular hat styles.

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Adorn your pencils with fashionable, comfortable, and functional headgear with Pencil Eraser Hats.

Each set includes fully functional erasers that are striking reproductions of four famous hat styles: The Top Hat, Fedora, Bowler, and Homburg.

Pencil Eraser Hats will fit any standard size pencil.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per eraser): 1" x 1" x 1" (approx.)
  • Four styles: Top Hat, Fedora, Bowler, and Homburg
  • Three interlocking pieces per hat
  • Ages 3+

Your pencils deserve fashionable headwear

Writing implements, while infinitely functional, oftentimes lack flair. At Vat19, we attempt to remedy that problem with amazing implements such as Smencils, the Inkless Metal Pen, Woodless Graphite Pencils, and Ninja Pencils.

However, none of the aforementioned items solve your pencil's hat problem. Nothing bellows "Everything I write will be ten times more awesome" like a pencil decked out in a Top Hat. Plus, it functions as an eraser. Double win.

Pencil Eraser Top Hat fits any standard size pencil.
Spiff-ify your pencils with Pencil Eraser Hats.

Of course they erase!

Just like real-life hats, Pencil Eraser Hats are more than just eye candy; they're also functional. They're fantastic erasers that simply happen to look awesome (similar to these guys).

Please note that Pencil Eraser Hats will fit all standard pencils.

Pencil Eraser Hats are not just for great looks. They're great erasers, too!
Pencil Eraser Hats are fully functional erasers.

Removable parts = fun for fiddling

Pencil Eraser Hats are made from three interlocking parts which makes them perfect for desperation fiddling. Trust us, you'll be glad you've got 'em when you're 45 minutes into your Western Civ teacher's lecture on the Habsburg Monarchy.

Each Pencil Eraser Hat is made from three separate pieces.
Each Pencil Eraser Hat is made from three interlocking pieces.

Four fashionable hats per set

Pencil Eraser Hats are packaged in sets of four. You'll receive one each of the hats pictured below.

Each set of Pencil Eraser Hats includes four different styles of hat.
Pencil Eraser Hats are sold in sets of four including the hats pictured above.

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