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Socket Pocket Cell Phone Organizer

Cleverly designed "pocket" stores your cell phone while it charges.

Socket Pocket
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The Socket Pocket is a cleverly designed device that houses your cell phone next to your power outlet as it charges, while also wrangling the charging cable.

Featuring a hinged and slotted "floor" for threading the cable into the pocket, as well as an opening to accommodate side charging devices, the Socket Pocket can handle nearly any smartphone, cellphone, or iPod. Additionally, you can use the Socket Pocket holder to store pens, glasses, and scissors. Available for both standard duplex and GFCI outlets.

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Features & specs:

  • Dimensions of pocket: 3.5" wide x 2.75" tall x 1.75" deep
  • Holds cell phone next to outlet while it charges
  • Handles side charging devices
  • Hinged base makes it easy to insert and hide cords
  • Can also hold pens, pencils, sunglasses, scissors, etc
  • Standard and GFCI versions available
  • Instruction manual (what's this?): Download (PDF)

Charge your cellphone while reducing clutter

The Socket Pocket's clever design replaces your existing outlet faceplate with one that integrates a plastic "pocket" for housing your cell phone next to the outlet while it charges.

If you're thinking, "Woah, hold your horses, cowboy. Did you say that this thing replaces my existing outlet faceplate? I'm not an electrician, so I'm not sure I can do this." Relax. You don't even have to flip a circuit breaker to install the Socket Pocket. All you need is a screwdriver to remove your existing faceplate and install the Socket Pocket. Installation will take less than a minute, especially if you keep a screwdriver on your keychain. And it'll be worth it! You'll have a perfect spot for storing your cell phone -- right next to your charger!

You can choose to store excess cable either underneath or inside the Socket Pocket with the included twist tie.

The Socket Pocket Cell Phone Charger Holder keeps your phone and its cable organized.
The Socket Pocket stores your cell phone in the most convenient spot possible: next to the charging outlet!

Thoughtful design ensures compatibility with all sizes of phones

The designers of the Socket Pocket Cell Phone Organizer created a product that's simple, elegant, and compatible with nearly any cellphone.

The Socket Pocket Cell Phone Organizer has plenty of room to store your smart phone and its charging cord.

Conveniently store other items like pens, glasses, and scissors

You don't have to store your cellphone in the Socket Pocket Outlet Organizer. Put one in your kitchen, office, or bedroom to house other commonly used items like pens, pencils, scissors, jumbo paper clips, USB flash drives, and invisible playing cards. Yes, that was three shameless cross-promos in a row. Hey, we've got kids to feed, too!

Socket Pocket Cellphone organizer can also store pens, pencils, sunglasses, scissors and other common items.
You can also use the Socket Pocket Outlet Organizer to store common household items.

Available in standard duplex and GFCI configurations

In most houses, you have two types of outlets: standard duplex and GFCI. GFCI outlets have two small buttons between the receptacles, and are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms.

A standard duplex outlet normally has a screw between the two outlets.

Standard Socket PocketSocket Pocket GFCI
Standard "duplex" outlets typically
feature rounded receptacles.
GFCI outlets typically feature
a square shape and a pair of
buttons between the receptacles.

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