360 Degree Sailcloth Bag: Made from recycled sails

360 Degree Sailcloth Bags

Machine washable bags made from recycled sails.

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These tough and sturdy sail bags are made from recycled sails that once navigated the Seven Seas. Well, maybe not all Seven Seas, but at least one of them. In fact, each sail bag indicates what sea it has sailed, what type of boat it came from, and the type of sail it once was.

Each sailcloth bag has been thoroughly cleaned and bleached. Sails are darned tough and water resistant, which makes these sailcloth bags perfect for carrying around your stuff. If sails can stand up to Mother Nature, they're not going to have any problem toting around laptops, cell phones, books, anvils, sunscreen, etc.

Features & specs

  • Made from recycled sails
  • Machine washable
  • Zippered inner pockets

Your sail bag has been around the block

Every 360 Degree Sailcloth Bag includes a tag which states what type of boat your recycled sail bag came from, the type of sail it used to be, and the oceans it has traveled.

Each 360 Degree Sailcloth Bag displays where the sail came from
It's pretty cool to know that your bag was once sailing the Baltic Sea as Jib 1 on a sailing ship.

Sturdy construction ensures a long life

Each 360 sailcloth bag is constructed for a long lifeThe triple stitching and thick nylon ensure a long life for your 360 Degree Sailcloth bag.

Each 360 Degree Sailcloth Bag is made from a recycled sail. However, don't think that these bags are where old sails go to die.

Each recycled sail has been thoroughly cleaned and bleached. No dried up flakes of salt are going to fall off your bag and you're not going to catch some sort of strange sea disease or scurvy.

Plus, these sail bags are tough and sturdy. Triple stitching and thick nylon straps and edges ensure a long life for each sail bag.


Choose from two styles of Sailcloth Bags

The Tender Bag

The Recycled Sailcloth Tender Bag is about 18" x 14" (18" x 18" unfolded) and features four zippered pouches on the inside to hold smaller items. Use the Tender Bag as your everyday work bag, for traveling, or for trips to the beach, lake, or wherever you go where you need to carry stuff.

The 360 Degree Tender Bag is made from recycled sails360 Degree Sailcloth Tender Bag rear view
Side view of the recycled sail bag
The Tender Bag is approximately 18" x 14".

The inside of the Tender Bag features four zippered pouches to hold all of your smaller items such as your wallet, sunscreen lotion, and your favorite DVDs, Ambient Fire and Ambient Water. Hey, it's been a while since we had a really obnoxious cross promo on our site.

Recycled sails are used for the four inner pouches of the sailcloth Tender Bag.
The four zippered pouches on the inside of the Tender Bag are great for storing small items.

The Beach Bag

The Sailcloth Beach Bag, as its name suggests, is designed for hauling stuff to the beach and back. Since we're located in Missouri and the closest thing to a beach are piles of finely ground concrete on the banks of the M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i River, we use our Sailcloth Beach Bag for shopping, work stuff, and carrying gigantic piles of money.

The 360 Degree sail bag beach design

We found that we can fit 36 trashy romance novels inside the recycled Sailcloth Beach Bag. That's enough for a few fortnight's worth of mind-numbing literature.

There is one zippered pouch inside of the recycled Sailcloth Beach Bag.

There is one zippered pouch inside of the Sailcloth Beach Bag. We have not yet tested how many trashy romance novels will fit inside of this pouch. The Sailcloth Beach Bag's dimensions are 22" wide x 25" tall.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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