Bumfuzzle: A hilariously confusing game for your gray matter!
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Bumfuzzle Party Game

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A hilariously confusing game for your gray matter!

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The brain is the most complex object known to man, but sometimes it can become hopelessly confused by what seems like the simplest things. Bumfuzzle is an exciting and entertaining card game designed to flummox even the mightiest minds among us with brain-crampingly simple exercises.

The rules are simple: draw a card and check its color. If it has a blue background, name the color of the word. But if you've drawn a green or red background card, you'll try to say the word on the card...which is usually the name of a different color! And remember, you must never, under any circumstances, say the word Bumfuzzle! If you see it, simply stand up silently. Sounds easy, right? Think again…if you can!

Are you ready for the mind-melting mischief of this game? Crack open a deck at your next game night and find out who among you is un-Bumfuzzlable!

Features & specs

  • A brain teasing color and word game
  • Mind-bending!
  • 2+ players
  • Game duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Includes: 80 cards
  • Ages 12+

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