Cuddle Clones: Get a realistic stuffed animal made of your pet!
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Cuddle Clones

Get a realistic stuffed animal made of your pet!

Cuddle Clones
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This item has been discontinued.


When you’re not able to snuggle with your best friend, cozy up with a Cuddle Clone imitation instead.

The team at Cuddle Clones uses pictures of your actual pet to handcraft a high-quality plush copy that captures your furry friend down to their cutest detail (but leaves out the throwing up on the rug). The stunning toy replicas will make visitors do a double-take and may even fool you at a glance.

Cuddle Clones are fun tributes to your adorable animal, perfect gifts for someone moving away from their family pet, and a loving way to memorialize a companion you’ve lost.

Features & specs

  • Service that creates custom plush replicas of animals
  • Send in pictures to get your animal cloned in plush!
  • Handmade using plush materials and water-based airbrushing techniques
  • Plush size based on the type of animal and breed (ranges from 4” to 24”)
  • Includes certificate of authenticity
  • A portion of every purchase is donated to help pets in need

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