Domino Maze: A domino run and a puzzle game all in one.
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Domino Maze

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A domino run and a puzzle game all in one.

Domino Maze
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Domino runs are awesome to watch, but they don't do much when it comes to challenging your brain.

Take domino runs to the next level and try your hand at Domino Maze, a 1-player game that combines the fun of falling dominoes with the challenge of a logic puzzle.

Your task is to fill in the blanks with a cascade of dominoes to hit all of the targets in the correct order. To succeed, you'll need to dodge barriers, take advantage of pivoting turnstyles, and even ascend and descend stairs with your dominoes. Find out if you have the mental might to complete all sixty challenges and enjoy the fall the whole way down.

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Features & specs

  • Puzzle game with domino run mechanics
  • Test your logic skills
  • 1 Player
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Includes 1 top grid, 1 bottom grid, 2 staircases, 1 start domino, 21 dominoes, 3 targets, 2 pivots, 1 blocker, 2 walls, and 60 challenge cards (beginner to expert)

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