First Strike Fisherman: Desktop Fishing Game

First Strike Fisherman Desktop Fishing Game

Master the perfect cast with this desktop fishing game.

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Cast, hook, and reel 'em in with the First Strike Fisherman Desktop Fishing Game. You control the power and release of the cast using the lever on the back of the fisherman.

Your goal is to land the magnetic lure in the mouth of each of the four included bass. Test your skills, challenge your co-workers, and kill boredom. Ages 8+.

Features & specs

  • Includes four bass and one fisherman
  • Control power and release of cast
  • Land magnetic lure in mouth of bass
  • Ages 8+

Notes on this video

  • This product has changed slightly since this video was made. It now includes four (4) bass which are slightly lighter in color.

It's desktop fishing and it's awesome!

First Strike Fisherman turns your boring desk into a fishing ground. Set up both your fisherman and the four wide mouth bass on your table and start casting. Land the magnetic lure square in the mouth of your target and you can reel in your prize.

You'll soon find that adjusting the slack on your line as well as the intensity of your throw drastically affects your cast. This is what makes the First Strike Fisherman fun!

First Strike Fisherman Desktop Fishing Game
Challenge yourself to land four wide mouth bass with only four casts.

You control the power, distance, and release of the cast

Arrange the four wide mouth bass on your desk and then crank back the spring-loaded lever on your fisherman. By adjusting the slack on the string, you can significantly alter the flight of your cast.

Increase the difficulty by distributing the bass throughout the entire 14" reach of your fishing line.

You control the distance and release of the cast. Send the magnetic lure flying up to 14 inches.
Use the lever on the back of the fisherman to fling your casts up to 14".

Magnets allow you to reel in your big catch

Once you've landed that "big 'un", go ahead and reel it in and measure it, although you'll soon find that your desktop pond has been mysteriously stocked with clones.

Challenge your friends (or yourself) to land four fish with only four casts. You'll have to be accurate, though, as only the mouth of the bass is magnetic. Accomplishing such a feat will earn you the admiration of your friends, the respect of thine enemies, and other things not redeemable for cash. Sorry. It's just a toy. But an awesome one at that. So buy three!

Drop the magnetic lure into the mouths of the six bass and then reel 'em in!
Hook 'em by accurately casting the magnetic lure into the mouth of each bass.

Sorry! It's out of stock.

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