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Magnetically-connecting building blocks.

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Start stacking with Geomatrix for a strong structure that sticks.

Each magnetic building block in the set houses a rare earth magnet inside each vertex, allowing it to easily align to and connect with any other block in the set.

Even though they have a powerful hold on one another, each face of every piece is perfectly flat! Busy your hands with a fidgeting toy, construct models with building blocks, challenge a friend to a balance stacking game, and hold it all together with Geomatrix.

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Features & specs

  • Building blocks with integrated magnets in each corner
  • Material: translucent plastic with neodymium magnets
  • Round magnets rotate to match polarity
  • 15 pieces per set: 2 x pyramid, 5 x triangular prism, 5 x cube, 2 x rectangular prism, 1 x hexagonal prism
  • 120 magnets per set
  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Please note: colors of pieces may vary from what is pictured

Attractive architecture

Geomatrix blocks are a system of constructors that stick together through the power of magnetism.

No matter how they're positioned, they'll securely snap together with a satisfying click. Not only do these perfectly-aligned bricks hold together really well, but they also fit together in ways that would be impossible with non-magnetic building blocks.

Building with Geomatrix is a snap.

Design differently

Just about everyone has played with blocks at one point or another. But Geomatrix blocks are not ordinary. They magnetically attract with one another, giving your structures security not found in ordinary wooden blocks.

Since the magnets are spaced equally on each building element, your structures will always align to a grid for nice symmetry. And since the magnetic pull is stronger than the gravitational pull, you can build cantilevered structures that jut out wildly or suspend pyramids upside-down.

Build with magnetic shapes!
Build up and out.

Magnificent magnets

Each vertex for every Geomatrix block contains a small rare earth magnet in the shape of a sphere. Since the magnetic balls are free to spin according to the polarity of the field around them, they always instantly orient themselves to connect to their fellow blocks.

Simply put, you won't have to fumble around with reorienting the blocks to fit them together… they'll just work like magnetic magic.

Magnetically magnificent.

Assemble anything

With the Geomatrix system, you're given the creativity to build whatever you want. You're not limited to vertical towers, low squat walls, or anything else for that matter. Design abnormal alien architecture, make an irregular animal, and press the limits of what's possible with an avant-garde sculpture. With the right engineering, if you can imagine it, you can build it.

Geomatrix shapes
Endless possibilities with Geomatrix magnetic building blocks.
Not pictured: a million other things you can build.

Architectural array

The Geomatrix system includes fifteen magnetic pieces, each with rare earth magnets in every corner. The set includes 1 hexagonal prism, 2 rectangular prisms, 5 cubes, 5 triangular prisms, and 2 pyramids.

Pyramid x2, Triangle x5, Square x5, Rectangle x2, Hexagon x1
Get your hands on Geomatrix.

Geomatrix: Unboxing

Jon and Joey, members of the Vat19 video team, take a first look at these unique magnetic building blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are they like Lego bricks?

Answer: Like Lego bricks, Geomatrix is a building block set. Unlike Lego bricks, these constructors hold together using magnetism and have smooth edges.

Question: Can I combine multiple sets together?

Answer: Of course! The more pieces you have available, the grander and more creative your designs can become.

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