Microphone Erasers: Pencil-topping erasers shaped like microphones.

Microphone Erasers (3-Pack)

Pencil-topping erasers shaped like microphones.

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Broadcast your personality at all times! Use Microphone Erasers to show off your sense of fun and keep you ready for an impromptu solo at a moment’s notice.

These fun accessories slip onto the top of your pencil, turning your normal writing utensil into a platform for expression. Use them to compose lyrics, perform homework karaoke, or add star power to your test taking. When you hit a sour note, turn your mic’ upside-down and use it to wipe away your mistakes.

The three-pack includes three different styles to fit your mood.

Features & specs

  • Three-pack of pencil erasers shaped like microphones
  • Includes one of each style: news, vintage, and rock
  • Approx. dimensions: 2.5” x 1.25” x 1.25” (6.35 cm x 3.18 cm x 3.18 cm)

Chart topping pencil toppers

With Microphone Erasers, you can sing a number one hit into your number two pencil. Pop one onto your writing utensil to make your office supplies a little less boring and a little more rock and roll. These cleverly designed pencil toppers fit over your pencil’s eraser and can be switched out with ease.

The fun accessories are also fully functional erasers so turn them around and let your tunes rub off on the paper. It's basically autotune for your writing.

Three styles of Microphone Erasers
Erase any doubt that you’re a star.

Solo with your stationery

The impressive details on Microphone Erasers capture the spirit of their namesake equipment. Each eraser is uniquely shaped and textured to fit its style, giving your pencils three distinct looks. Choose between the attention-grabbing rock star eraser, the old fashioned boxy charm of the vintage eraser, or the serious reporting of the newscaster eraser.

Each pack contains all three styles so you can find the eraser to suit your mood.

Realistic details
Rock out your next crossword puzzle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do these stay on your pencil when you turn it upside down?

Answer: Yes, Microphone Erasers hold on pretty well to the pencil. We have not experienced any slippage.

Question: Is it hard to write with them on?

Answer: The Microphone Erasers add a little more weight to the end of your pencil but not enough to really impact usage.

Question: Do they work with mechanical and wooden pencils?

Answer: In our testing, we were able to fit Microphone Erasers on both styles of pencils.

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