Ollie: The App-Controlled Robot Driven by Adrenaline
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Ollie the App-Controlled Robot

The app-controlled robot driven by adrenaline.

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Ollie is the remote-controlled racer we've all dreamed of, but was never possible — until now.

Ollie is part race car, part tank, part robot, and part something altogether new. Its cylindrical shape and tough shell free you from the worries of crashing, and its intuitive app makes racing and executing tricks a breeze.

A top speed of 14 mph paired with the ability to turn on a dime and rapidly accelerate means Ollie is perfectly at home zipping around the house, catching air in the skate park, or careening over rocks. And for even more fun, remove the grip tires in favor of the built-in drifting wheels.

Boasting a 60-minute drive time after a full recharge, Ollie is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Instant connect bluetooth technology gets you racing right away and built-in glowing LEDs means you can even race at night. Designed for ages 8+.

Features & specs

  • Top speed: 14 mph
  • Tough and durable
  • App-controlled (iOS 7.0+, Android 4.4.2+)
  • Includes drift wheels and grip tires
  • 60-minute drive time (recharges via USB)
  • 98-foot range (30 meters)
  • Super fast, ultra agile
  • Instant connect via bluetooth
  • Ramp not included
  • Ages 8+

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Ollie soars at up to 14 mph!

Meet Ollie. Ollie is a firecracker. A spark plug. A real go-getter. Ollie is also a bit reckless, but it has reason to be; it was made that way.

Ollie is an app-controlled robot designed for racing, jumping, spinning, performing tricks, slamming into things, and generally being awesome. Ollie is like a race car, a tank, and a gymnast all rolled into one. So grab an Ollie, your mobile device, and get after it!

Ollie robot flying off a ramp.
Use your iOS or Android device to effortlessly control Ollie.

Loves the great outdoors!

Ollie is wonderfully durable by design.

Its cylindrical shape is inherently strong, and its tough plastic shell coupled with thick tires allows it to walk away from bumpy terrain, falls on to concrete, and full-speed collisions completely unscathed.

Ollie is extremely tough and durable.
Ollie was designed to handle a beating!

Zips around the house with precision handling

Ollie is tough, but it's no brute. Ollie can turn on a dime. In fact, it can spin really, really fast on a dime.

Intuitive controls in the free Ollie app make it easy to guide Ollie around your house, under the couch, between the chair legs, and zip past your dog or not-a-cat cat.

And did we mention its bright LED? It allows you to drive Ollie at night!

Ollie zipping around a living room.
Ollie features an extremely tight turn radius and rapid acceleration.

Slide on smooth surfaces with the included drift wheels 

Ollie ships with a pair of grip tires. Simply slide those suckers off to reveal its hard plastic drift wheels. Perfect for slick indoor surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, and linoleum, Ollie is engineered for aggressive drifting.

Remove Ollie's grip tires and use the drift wheels to slide around slicker surfaces.
Remove Ollie's included grip tires to reveal a set of smooth drift wheels.

Simple, instant bluetooth connectivity

Setting up Ollie is quick and easy. Launch the free Ollie app (compatible with iOS and Android), touch your Ollie to the top of your mobile device, and you're ready to race!

Instant connect bluetooth technology allows Ollie to connect to your mobile device instantly.
Touch Ollie to your mobile device to instantly pair them.

Tough on the outside, smart on the inside

Ollie is designed for speed, durability, and agility. It's also designed to be easy to control and great at performing tricks.

Use the joystick to maneuver Ollie and the trick pad to execute spins, tricks, and hundreds of combos. And its advanced sensors provide real-time trick recognition to tell you which trick you've just pulled off. Sweet!

Ollie seem from multiple angles.
Ollie was engineered for speed, durability, and fun. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How fast can Ollie go?

Answer: Ollie travels up to 14 mph! That's over 22 km/h on the Autobahn!

Question: Can multiple Ollies operate in the same area?

Answer: Definitely! Simply pair each Ollie with a separate mobile device and start racing.

Question: For serious, how tough is it?

Answer: Ollie is incredibly durable. We've dropped a single unit dozens of times from 3-4 feet onto concrete, rock, and asphalt and Ollie just smiles back at us.

Question: Will Ollie work with my Motorola RAZR?

Answer: If you've hacked that flip phone to run iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.4.2+, then you're golden. And you're wicked smart.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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