Prank Gift Cards: Deliver your real gift card in a hilarious box.

Prank Gift Cards

Deliver your real gift card in a hilarious diversion gift card box.

Canoe for Two Dinner Experience
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Hot Tub Dining
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Mobile Foot Rubs
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Gift cards are a great way to give someone you care about something you know they'll like. While these useful gifts are appreciated, they’re not very exciting. Unless, of course, you hand the gift card to a recipient in a Prank Gift Card box.

Each box features a promise of a once-in-a-lifetime experience that your giftee probably would want to forget.

Your recipient will question your sanity when they see an offer for a weird romantic dinner in a trolling motor-powered canoe, a not-so-relaxing massage offered by self-professed foot lover Barry del Greco, or a strangely swanky night out at Soak (the downtown high rise restaurant with 34 private hot tub dining booths).

The strange services are sure to raise eyebrows until your giftee raises the lid on the box revealing the real gift card you've planted there.

Use these hilarious prank boxes to turn a boring gift into a memorable laugh.

Features & specs

  • Packages for fake gift cards to use when you gift real gift cards
  • Does not actually contain a gift card for the experience described on the box
  • Makes useful "boring" gifts more exciting
  • Choose from three styles: Barry del Greco's Mobile Rub, Canoe for Two Romantic Canoe Dinner, and Soak Hot Tub Dining.
  • Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 5/8" (10.16 cm x 10.16 cm x 1.59 cm)

Fancy frivolity

You know that not-so-genuine face you put on at Christmas time when Aunt Thelma gives you a six-pack of starchy gym socks? Turn the tables and laugh at that awkward appreciation when you gift a real gift card inside a Prank Gift Cards box.

Slip a boring (but very appreciated) gift card into one of these prank packages and enjoy the dumbfounded, uncertain, and just plain creeped out expressions on your giftee's face as they try to hold it together and thank you.

The two-piece full-color box and card insert covered in a velvety flocking texture really sell the absurdity of the insane adventures while the real gift card shows that you're a good gift giver with a great sense of humor.

Real Jamba Juice card inside a fake Mobile Foot Rub card holder
Velvety interior, classy… just like a high rise hot tub dinner!

All-in awkwardness

The bizarre scenario on the front of these boxes will intrigue your giftee while the reverse side of the peculiar present will truly beguile them into believing they're truly receiving a real experience of a lifetime with an explanation of the experience, a testimonial quote, and a typical gift card backer form (amount: $1, $1000, or other). Prank on!

Front and back views of each boxFront and back views of each boxFront and back views of each boxFront and back views of each boxFront and back views of each boxFront and back views of each box
Committed to the joke through and through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it come with a gift card?

Answer: No, you supply your own real gift card and deliver it in this hilarious box.

Question: But what if I really want a foot rub by Barry del Greco?

Answer: Barry del Greco isn't a real person, but if you're comfortable with the scenario described on the Mobile Foot Rub box, you might find a stranger with an affinity for the foot on Craigslist.

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